Realistic Winter Fashion| How to PACK for a Winter Holiday

Here’s a REAL winter lookbook post you all can Save & Share with your girl friends packing for a winter holiday (especially if you come from rather moderate climate). As most of you already know I don’t live in cold weather conditions so this obviously isn’t a everyday winter lookbook kind but nonetheless looks y’all […]

Bathe like no one’s watching| The Forest Hills at Tala STAYCATION Experience

If you are wondering what sort of a title this is!? Then just wait, watch and read because I actually mean it. It’s been over a month that I visited Forest Hills at Tala but it’s all so fresh in my head. A beautiful, unique and luxurious experience can never escape your mind. That’s especially […]

What went down when India’s largest party marathon came to Pune!?

A very wicked Saturday was spent in my city at the Playboy Beer Garden and it’s worth a read. It’s not just any other party, it’s India’s longest party marathon and here’s an account of what went down at the Baleno Wicked Weekend in Pune. Let me first introduce you to the concept of the […]