Pune to Dharamshala🚘| My Fittripping Experience

Just about a month back I set out on a very memorable journey, a trip that will remain at the top of ‘the craziest trips’ I've ever done & a trip of a lot of firsts. The highlight of the trip was the ‘Fittripping’ and the ‘Glamping’ experience & I cannot wait to share all … Continue reading Pune to Dharamshala🚘| My Fittripping Experience


10 Really Simple Ways To Keep Oily Winter Skin Away

Oily skin, in winter? How is that even possible? It is and if you’re not prepared, you could end up with a dull and oily complexion for the next few months. Your skin’s sebaceous glands get into hyperactive mode in winter. Why is that? Because the environment is dry and that tells your skin that … Continue reading 10 Really Simple Ways To Keep Oily Winter Skin Away

Winter Kiss with Baby Lips

Winter is here & yet to stay! As much as we all are loving the winter dressing the only unbearable fact is that winters is the season of dry and chapped lips. As you know, Maybelline New York has an exciting and wide range of lip balms called ‘Baby Lips’ (that has been a rage … Continue reading Winter Kiss with Baby Lips

Combating Plaid

The Style Chair officially calls it the end of winter! Its been one super stylish winter season & now that its starting to get warm I'm actually missing the chill 😦 So here I present the last of the major trend from Winter fashion- Plaid! Featuring my favourite plaid clothing from my winter wardrobe, plaid … Continue reading Combating Plaid

Wear a Saree Contemporary style

'A woman looks most elegant in a saree' Yes! But whenever I think of a saree, I feel like people might mistake me for going for an Indian wedding! And even if I'm going for a wedding, I want to look sassy in a saree, not traditional like everyone else 😦 Occasions like a theme … Continue reading Wear a Saree Contemporary style