Look Fancy-Shmancy this Summer, WITHOUT emptying that pocket!?

It's about that time of the year when everything is about staying cool in the summers. Summer cooling drinks, summer cooling food, summer break in the mountains and what not. So, of course the fashions are also about summer dressing. But when we say summer dressing, does it mean an all new wardrobe? I mean, … Continue reading Look Fancy-Shmancy this Summer, WITHOUT emptying that pocket!?


Summer Outfits Inspiration| Sri Lanka Lookbook

It's officially the season of florals, bright colors and tropical prints & The Style Chair can't wait to now fill your feeds with all things summer 🙂 Amidst the winters, I got a chance to enjoy a little bit of summer when I visited Sri Lanka this January. Half of the trip in Sri Lanka … Continue reading Summer Outfits Inspiration| Sri Lanka Lookbook

Uptown Punk

Of late I've been doing all summer dressing posts with sunshine shades and happy pictures. But honestly now I'm done playing good girl. While people who know me know that I hate my smile and I actually get better pictures with my ‘bitch face’ on rather than with my natural smile. Let's face it I am … Continue reading Uptown Punk

Summer Wrapped in Threadology

“Its gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes” It's not me saying this! You remember the song by Nelly!? While typically the first thing that comes out of my closet in the summers is my shorts, I'm beginning to wonder, is being less clad the real deal to dealing with summers? Here’s … Continue reading Summer Wrapped in Threadology

Beach Holiday Lookbook #TSCinGoa

Greetings my lovely one's! It's been almost a month that I've been back from my short little getaway in Goa. Now that I have snapped out of my ‘Susegad’ (a Goan term derived from the Portuguese word sossegado meaning ‘quiet’ & it implies a contented form of life existent in the state) mode, finally putting … Continue reading Beach Holiday Lookbook #TSCinGoa