Are you dealing with the Monsoons the right way?

The monsoons are in full swing right now. While for some people it's all about mushy music and curling up in bed, some people are enjoying the scenic long drives and some the monsoon treks.Now that the summer heat has bid us adieu, TSC is all excited to embrace this new season too.In India the … Continue reading Are you dealing with the Monsoons the right way?


Lets get ‘Waist’ed

Thanks to all the love I recieved while flaunting my ethnic embroidered waiscoat (last month on the blog) I decided to dedicate a fashion post solely revolving around waiscoats. While summers are all about bright colours & neons, winters being about darker hues. Monsoons for me is all about beating the dullness with quirky prints. … Continue reading Lets get ‘Waist’ed

Get Shorty!

Summers is pretty much on its way out & I've been sporting around my shorts all through out. But the end of the summers doesn't mean no more shorts. Infact I have more affinity to my shorts in the monsoon season than even in the summers :p Just because I have a huge closet doesnt … Continue reading Get Shorty!

Wild Child

This one's not about my wild streak 😉 but this post is about Hair & Makeup which I seemed to have ignored for a while. So its started raining in Pune & this weather is making the hair really frizzy! All my clients  (at my salon) are asking me what to do about the frizz … Continue reading Wild Child