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Are you dealing with the Monsoons the right way?

The monsoons are in full swing right now. While for some people it's all about mushy music and curling up in bed, some people are enjoying the scenic long drives and some the monsoon treks. Now that the summer heat has bid us adieu, TSC is all excited to embrace this new season too. In… Continue reading Are you dealing with the Monsoons the right way?

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Uptown Punk

Of late I’ve been doing all summer dressing posts with sunshine shades and happy pictures. But honestly now I’m done playing good girl. While people who know me know that I hate my smile and I actually get better pictures with my ‘bitch face’ on rather than with my natural smile. Let’s face it I am… Continue reading Uptown Punk

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S for Chambray

S for Spring, S for Summer and S for Chambray; because chambray is synonymous with summer. Hey there beautiful, summer killing you already? But you have to admit that a change in trends and what to wear is yet keeping you going! What’s most exciting about the summer’s is Chambray! Is just in our head… Continue reading S for Chambray

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Unseasonable Farewell 

No last dance, no goodbye! Just like that the winter vanished. I threw off my blanket in irritation on a rather surprisingly sunny morning and in that moment I knew it was time for me to embrace ‘the’ change. I hadn’t even worn all of my winter wear (in hope that there would be cooler… Continue reading Unseasonable Farewell 

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Candy Pop ft. StalkBuyLove

Miss Chop Chop decides to play Miss Pop. Are you all about feminine but yet have a funky side? Well then you are going to be able to relate to this look ❤ Everybody has an eccentric side to them which can be expressed well with quirky dressing. DISCLAIMER: The content of this website is… Continue reading Candy Pop ft. StalkBuyLove