Say Goodbye to those monsoon hair woes with an Oil!?

Hello ladies! The last time I spoke to you about a Five in One kind of oil ( which was an all weather all skin type oil. But the Monsoons seem to be getting on everyone's head (hair rather). So it was the right time to put to test the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil! That … Continue reading Say Goodbye to those monsoon hair woes with an Oil!?


Work Quirk ft. The Elephant Company

When the weather gets gloomy it all gets dull 😦 Getting up & getting to work is definitely then the last thing you would want to do! So what's your way of dealing with the gloom? Well I don't really have a Go-To but Quirkiness definitely does it for me 😀 I've mentioned this a lot in … Continue reading Work Quirk ft. The Elephant Company

Travel Quirk ft IndiaCircus

"Everyday is a Fashion show & the World is my runway" This stands absolutely true for me! And I literally apply it to the 'Runway' (airstrip) too! Being stylish isn't just a momentary feeling! Being stylish is a state of mind. Being stylish is about always being unique & inspired. When it comes to travel … Continue reading Travel Quirk ft IndiaCircus

A peak into India Circus

Hello my lovelies 🙂 Mother's day is just around the corner & The Style Chair has the just the right place for you get your mother some goodies 😀 I'm not only showcasing some new products today but have another Giveaway too 😀 This post is in collaboration with India Circus.  India Circus Retail Pvt. … Continue reading A peak into India Circus