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Uptown Punk

Of late I’ve been doing all summer dressing posts with sunshine shades and happy pictures. But honestly now I’m done playing good girl. While people who know me know that I hate my smile and I actually get better pictures with my ‘bitch face’ on rather than with my natural smile. Let’s face it I am… Continue reading Uptown Punk

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Top Four Clothing Rental Sites in India #TSCRecommends

Got a big day coming up? But, no big budget for it! Got friend’s weddings coming up back to back and can’t afford to buy a zillion new outfits? Got a grand occasion coming up end of the month, but already blew up all of the moolah for the month! I’m sure all of you… Continue reading Top Four Clothing Rental Sites in India #TSCRecommends

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Effortlessly Beautiful this Summers ft. Aurelia

Dressing in light material, bright shades & floral prints, staples to an effortlessly beautiful look for the summers right? Now what if I told you, you can get all this even in your Indian wear (and say goodbye to those jazzy looking suits) & look chic! Surprised right? So was I! Whenever we go to… Continue reading Effortlessly Beautiful this Summers ft. Aurelia

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Five ways to ‘Nail’ the Summer Trends with TSC

New Season, New Trends! Whether its about summer clothes, accessories, hair, makeup; trends keep changing with the changing season. There is so much to look forward to with every season. Summer trends bring in a new burst of colours that are totally different from the winter hues. It’s these seasonal changes that actually make fashion… Continue reading Five ways to ‘Nail’ the Summer Trends with TSC

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Summer Wrapped in Threadology

“Its gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes” It’s not me saying this! You remember the song by Nelly!? While typically the first thing that comes out of my closet in the summers is my shorts, I’m beginning to wonder, is being less clad the real deal to dealing with summers? Here’s… Continue reading Summer Wrapped in Threadology