HOW-TO Get the Best Pictures from your Travels!?

So many times we look at these travel pictures on Pinterest or on Instagram and wonder how do those travel pictures come out to be so fabulous and ours just look so average. So many times people keep asking me if I can photographers to take my travel pictures!?

NO! Infact there are very simple tricks to make your travel pictures look stunning and frame worthy. Without further adieu, here are 9 Simple Things to keep in mind when Taking Pictures on your Travels.

  1. The 1/3rd 2/3rd Rule

When standing beside a gorgeous view, stand sideways and use the 1/3rd-2/3rd rule. With yourself being in just 1/3rd of the frame and the view you are looking at or facing toward being the rest of the 2/3rd of the frame.

In majority though, I like a good balance between the background and myself, so I always like to stand bang in the middle of an image. But when you want the view to be the focus then the 1/3rd-2/3rd rule works best.

2. Click Click

You are never going to go back to the same place or view so you might not have the option to capture that moment Again!!! A lot of times when the view or spot is just too gorgeous to miss, I make sure to take pictures with not only different poses but different perspectives too. Take landscape options as well as vertical options of the same.

You can always go back and see what you prefer or how you want to use those pictures. Horizontal pictures work best for blog posts or Facebook covers.

Again, personally I take more vertical images for my Instagram, so I constantly have to remind myself to take landscape images.

3. Take a Step Back

Always take a picture from a little farther away. Because travel pictures are all about the view and depth. So don’t miss out on that by closing in too much on a view, object or subject.

Tip: Later on if you want to mainly show yourself in the picture you can always crop the same image.

4. Focus
While taking a picture of an object with a view check that the focus must be placed on the object that you want most in focus. Whether its a building amidst the view or the clouds on even your hand in the picture. Cameras and phone cameras too have an easy option of choosing focus so use the option well.

5. Camera Angle/ Phone Angle

Never leave dead space below the feet of a person in a travel picture (or for that matter any picture). Try and take more of the person and above the head. Gives more depth and height to a picture. In simple terms it means tilt the phone upwards (slightly facing towards the sky).

6. Enhance your features.

Slimmer effect:

When posing for a picture, stand front facing. The body seems less broader. For a little fun play with the head angle. And always keep one leg in front of the other. Makes the legs look slimmer too.

Taller Effect:

Use the same camera tilt upwards trick. Ask someone to take the picture from a low angle as that really enhances the length of the legs and gives you a taller effect. Never get a picture clicked of yourself standing from a top angle (unless you wish to look stunted).

TIP: Never Ever take a picture at the level of a person’s stomach, it will make them look at least five months pregnant.

Look at the difference in angle of these pictures below and take cues.

7. Burst Shot

If you want your pictures to look fun and not take hours to get that perfect jumping shot or running shot. Simply using the Burst Shot mode. One take of the Burst Shot and then you can keep selecting the perfect image from the many you get.

8. Panoramas

Got on top of a fort or a hill or watching the sunset at a beach? Take a panorama for those feels. Post these panorama images with your friends to give them a complete look at your POV.

Pro Tip: Try THIS- divide the 180 degree view into three landscape images, use these three images then back to back on your Gram and watch how beautiful it looks on your feed. (PS: if you plan to use my ideas don’t forget to tag me in your images @thestylechair @travelhappygirls)

9. Personalize

Let’s be honest. There are a gazillion pictures out there of the same view with maybe just different angles. But what really makes an image yours? Well, of course you being in the picture definitely shows its your image but it doesn’t always have to be about the face. It could just be your back, your hand, your toes, or best- PROPS.

Like, for my food flatlays a lot of times I put my hand into the image, it kind of shows off my pretty nails but more importantly distinctly shows its Aleena’s image. It’s kind of become like a TSC Thing now! But I’m sure you all have that one thing you relate yourself with whether it’s a man’s watch, or a backpack or even a keychain. Wear it or hold it out with the stunning view and click a shot. Trust me it’s you’ll have more connect with that image and view than you would have if you just simply took a picture of the view.

Lastly, it’s all about the EDIT



You can make or break your travel images through editing. I had done a detailed guide a few months back about picture editing and it’s a ideal successor read, if you have read this whole post. After acing the image taking you got to finish it right with a good edit, so Click HERE!

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