Everything you wanted to know about Blogging & The Style Chair Journey!

After innumerable interviews and queries about starting a blog. Here it finally is, The Story Untold.

Being a blogger for four years I finally decide to type out this post now?

Well, no one becomes an expert overnight. And to be honest I myself needed a little inspiration.


So before I even start to answer a lot of your commonly asked questions. Let me tell you it’s not easy. Blogging isn’t easy and neither is any other job for that matter. It takes years to be recognized and have your work compensated for. But as long as you have the passion for what you are doing then the fire will never die out 🙂

As long as you love what you do and you strive hard towards it every single day, committed. There is nothing that will ever hold you back from reaching your goal.

Here are some questions I have been frequently asked:

How and why did you start your journey as a fashion blogger?
It all started with Instagram and posting #OOTD pictures. But as time passed I realised I wanted to talk more about my personal style instead of just showcasing what I wore! Along with fashion, in fact I wanted to seriously talk about Beauty & Makeup, since I’ve been in the line for over a decade now. I didn’t want The Style Chair to be something like a magazine full of fashionable pictures. I wanted TSC to be a place where people would always find or learn something new.

How is it like being a Blogger in Pune?

Mumbai and Delhi are top of the Fashion Game but given the huge amount of youth in Pune. The fashion in Pune is very experimental and fresh. The Pune blogger community is getting stronger and more and more brands in the city are now taking to the blogger influence.

Some defining moments for TSC?

There have been a lot of high points in my journey as a Fashion Blogger. One of the first few and most memorable would be being a part of the POPxo Blogger Community within a year of having started blogging. Shooting with one of the best jewellery brands in Mumbai- Minawala Jewellers. Collaborating with one of the quirkiest designers of the country- Quirkbox. Bagging off some very prestigious skin care collaborations like Kama & Kiehls. Best of Makeup collaborations with international brands like MAC, L’oreal & Maybelline. And some very fashionable associations with StalkBuyLove, Koovs, Vajor, Lee Cooper, Daniel Wellington, W for Woman, Pretty Secrets & Accessorize. And a ton of other brands and designers I am so proud to be associated with, most of which you will find on my Instagram- @thestylechair

What’s so Unique about TSC?

There are a ton of bloggers and there will always be a lot of competition in any field per say. It’s very important to stick to ‘why you started’ & ‘be different’ to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately when it comes to blogging a lot of women seem to have it wrong and treat it more as modeling. Blogging is all about fashion and style. I don’t showcase garments, I show different ways of wearing a particular piece of clothing, or how to accessorize a particular outfit. When it comes to being an influencer; I love all the good things in life, I love love love to travel & just living life to the fullest. And putting that out to the world in my own way, is what a lot of my followers love to see. At The Style Chair, there is Style, While keeping it ‘real’.

The only way to keep people engaged is to Be Yourself. And at The Style Chair the forte is always about Style. Whether it’s How to Step out in Style, How to keep it Stylish with every Season, How to Travel in Style, Finding the most stylish places or just being In-Style. And a little reminder: style doesn’t always mean fancy. Style is celebrating yourself.

Tips to be a successful fashion blogger?

Here’s a message for all the aspiring bloggers out there- Remember the Two ‘C’ rule. Content & Consistency are the key, good content & consistency in posting will take any blog a long way.

I have a lot of girls ask me- how to start blogging and how to earn money from a blog. Firstly to start a blog I would say, Have A Vision. Have a vision as to what content you want to put out there, if you plan to put out the same old stuff that people are already putting out I don’t see you creating a name or a niche for yourself. Secondly, don’t focus about the money coming in first, Focus on good content and being consistent. Of Course don’t do work for free. After all to create good content you need all kinds of good equipment, time and expertise and that should never be given to anyone for free. But always always focus on what you put in and trust me the results just have to come in. I am going to quote the Gita here and say- “karam kar phal ki chinta matt kar”. Do your deed and don’t worry about the fruit. Trust me that will just come.

You read all about the brands I have bagged. You are be wondering how that worked?

Well, it’s firstly important to network whether socially or virtually. Let people be aware of your brand/blog. Interact with other bloggers from your field (because a lot of times we suggest fellow blogger names to brands too). Make sure to just put out good content and never compensate on that and the brands are sure to notice that. Don’t be a sell out and promote anything and everything under the sun, be choosy of who and what you associate with. Lastly, try and get in touch with as many PR agencies and put out a mail to them making them aware of your brand/blog.

About four months back I had done this experimental shoot with a photographer and I have attached some of those images. We tried to give the look like an after party kind of feel, along with the photographer really mixing things up literally with the lighting. So these set of pictures seemed absolutely befitting to this post. Because TSC will always be about different things ❤

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Photography Courtesy- Kruthika Pillai

I hope you all like the results of this shoot and appreciate the TSC Journey. Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments below and follow me on Instagram @thestylechair
For any queries or collaborations mail me on aleena@thestylechair.com

Be Yourself & Shine On

The Style Chair

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