The Fitastic Journey, just the beginning #TSCGetsFit

Slow & Steady wins the race. That’s the moral of my fitness journey.


This has been one of the most requested posts in recent times & I’m sorry for the delay. But hey I was busy trying to be Fit. So now finally, it’s your turn to get inspired and start your fitness journey too.

While I keep getting questions about how I managed to get so toned and what do I eat and what not! I’m going to get straight to it and say two things: Don’t Give Up, Keep Trying & Start TODAY! Yet for all of you who would like to know the whole of my journey. Here goes:

Before TSC got Fit:

Before I start with my fitness journey let me give you a little background of my lifestyle and what was my exercise regime earlier.

I have always been a rather active person and thankfully my work hasn’t led to me having a sedentary lifestyle. I haven’t been a person who was much into sports(or was good at it), though in my 11th & 12th standard I had taken up physical education as a subject. But being fit and in a good shape is something I always aimed for. The biggest reason for this being my Punjabi blood! Yes, we tend to put on weight in the worst of places (stomach, hips & thighs).

As far as food is concerned most of my meals in a week are home cooked and the mother makes sure that our food isn’t very oily anyway so it’s quite healthy, normal Indian kind of home food.

In terms of indulgence I absolutely love chocolates as many of you might already know. And by chocolate I specifically mean dark chocolate. It’s my only sin. Oh no, the biggest sinning is the alcohol intake. Going out, drinking, eating out is the one thing that puts us all offtrack!

THIS is exactly where I had my breaking point & decided to take my fitness seriously.

2013-2015 I was really active, doing Zumba & going to the gym (where also I preferred the group cardio sessions). So I was in fairly good shape (not ‘toned’ though).

2015 was quite a lazy year in terms of fitness. I hadn’t renewed my gym membership (because I wasn’t too happy with the gym & the group session timings weren’t suiting me as well). So, I was doing absolutely nothing except evening walks with the parents and zumba sessions at home. And to be honest, that’s barely anything. Working out at home is just a farce. Till you don’t have some one around you who pushes you then the work out doesn’t stay the same.

2016 when I heard of Multifit opening up fairly close to my house I was intrigued! When I went and had a look at the gym, I was so happy to see the set up and to know they had functional training sessions everyday in the evenings & that was their forte.

So, I finally joined Multifit! Now what?

Before, starting out I first had my BMI done. While my weight was pretty much constant over the years ranging around 50kgs I had gone up to 52 kgs by then. Which I knew wasn’t so bad but the real problem was the flab I had put on. And I knew it was going to be a struggle melting off all that flab.

Initially it took me a while to cope with the rigorous one hour functional training sessions but boy, was I having fun. Getting used to using kettlebells, doing tyre flips, battle rope smashes and sledge pushes. It was all so new and fun and especially different from the usual gym stuff.

Despite 4-5 months of working out I went through my worst phase. I was in Goa wearing a bikini (I felt like I was bursting out of it) and I just didn’t feel so happy with myself. This was all to be blamed on the going out, eating out, missing workouts and the worst of all- the drinking. So clearly just joining the gym hadn’t got me closer to my goal.

I FINALLY got serious about my fitness once I came back. Firstly I cut down my outings and the drinking. THIS is the first dietary change I made- less alcohol. Secondly I started regularly going to the gym and made sure to seriously do my workouts. I started pushing myself more to workout rather than have my trainers push me. I basically, Finally got down to business.



From being conscious of myself in a bikini, I was finally confident of wearing a bikini again. I know they say you don’t have to have a bikini body to wear a bikini and I say that myself to so many of my friends. But for me personally it was just a way of pushing myself and well let’s just say, I had that little kick in me of wanting to show my body (wearing a bikini), only when I had a body toned enough to show off. No judgements please!!!!!

What about the Diet?

Unfortunately I wasn’t ready to go through the whole drama of having a new diet (rather my mother couldn’t manage making different meals for me). So the body that I have today is a result of working out over 18 months. Totally slow and steady! Had I tweaked my diet and eaten right, I would’ve achieved the same thing in less than half the time.

Generally before my workout which is post work at 8pm, I have a banana or an omelette and have a shot of black coffee just before i set out of the house. These were recommended to me by my trainer. And if I know its going to be a rigorous workout like leg day, then I have a two egg omelette.

Diet Tip for all: One good change to make is to use Virgin Refined Coconut Oil for all kind of cooking. It’s really good and makes a difference too.

A Signature Workout Regime?

The only thing constant is change. It’s very important to keep mixing things up with your exercise regime every 4-5 months. When I initially started working out at Multifit I was doing only Functional Training for at least 7-8 months. The results were good initially, but then . Slowly I ventured into weight training.

Personally, I used to find weight training extremely boring, but I had to break out of my own mind set and stir things up a little for myself and focus on toning my body. So I started alternating my functional training with weight training on alternate days.

The past two months in fact I have been doing only weights majorly. It was time to mix things up and this time around I took up the 12 Week Transformation Challenge with Multifit. The change in my body is phenomenal already. From being a non-weights person I have now started enjoying doing weights because of the results and also because of the different ways of using weights in Multifit. It’s not all just typical machines but a good mix of exercises with weights and using machines. While machines aid the weight training, the real test and fun is to do weight training by yourself. Do different kind of exercises, use kettlebells and mix things up.


Another very important thing I have learnt while weight training is: discipline. It’s very important to be disciplined with your body and watch your forms. Focus more on doing it right than lifting heavy. By just lifting heavy and not doing the right form you are gaining nothing as you aren’t even focusing on the muscle right if the form is wrong and secondly it could lead in injuries. And if you honestly love working out you must be very wary of injuries because muscle pulls or ligament tears can lead to complete suspension of any kind of workout. I mean doesn’t it scare you to not be able to work out for months and then getting fat 😥

In short, I would say: Firstly focus on being active by doing a lot of cardio & exercises, then start doing weights for toning up and gradually focus on weight training because that is how your body will actually cut out its fat!


Photography Courtesy: Kruthika Pillai

The first month of the 12 Week Transformation I was given expert assistance at Multifit by Muzamil Basu. This man has trained some really big athletes and the level of his own fitness is phenomenal. You have to follow him on Instagram @muzamilmb. Having trained under him I learnt my forms right and that is very essential & after that I have been now doing weight training on my own. I still have another 4 weeks to go after which I shall share my workout regime for these 12 weeks and also transformation images.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below as to how you liked this post & what more would you like me to post about in the fitness category?

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  1. Damn that’s dedication. You look amazing!I know how much commitment, hardwork n discipline it takes to reach your goal. Very well written n totally inspiring. Keep posting more about your fitness lifestyle.

  2. That was a fantastic blog ! Very inspiring 🙂 I am sure people who read this would jump up and put on their active wear to go do something !

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