Take a Break| The Self Net-Detox Challenge

I switched off the data on my phone for three days and I feel so refreshed, it literally was a detox! While I am now back in full swing, I really wish I could go back to being less connected. Life was so much simpler and calmer.

I don’t know if this ‘Net-Detox’ challenge even exists for real & neither did I do this to start a trend (not that it was my first time). I felt like I needed to slow things down & take some time off to reconnect with myself. In all the madness and fast pace of today’s age somewhere we all lose ourselves. Especially being an influencer we are never really off our phones, even when on a holiday we just don’t disconnect! So it reached a point where I just got saturated & needed some time for myself. So on this Sunday afternoon I decided just Switch-Off!

I know you must be thinking, this was very difficult!? Well it actually was but to be fair (not many of you know that a) a year and a half back I actually went on this Net- Detox for A Week! It was a huge step for me then, but I survived (ofcourse! Duh). This time around unfortunately I couldn’t take as long a break because of a lot of work is lined up for TSC.

For a lot of people who know me personally or have seen my craziness on social media know me to be quite a cray girl. At the same time a lot of people know I love my peace and my space. And when alone, I love just sitting back & letting life slowly take over while I zone out into my own thoughts. I keep my phone on silent so many times because I find the pings on my phone very intrusive and irritating. I hate being a slave to my phone. I rather love just picking up the phone and calling up my friends and fam when I think of them but I hate being at the beck and call of anyone & everyone.

You want to know what I find most annoying? Seeing notifications on my phone. I have an OCD with them so I go and open them just to get rid of the notification (and then ofcourse you end up responding to them). The other thing I hate is when people just call up for one simple question (that’s not even urgent), I mean just drop me a text no? Or when people send ten pings in a chat for something that could’ve been written in two lines. Ofcourse these are mostly on the personal front but about social media I am not even going to start because it’s my work. But hey how much ever you love what you do, sometimes you really need a break! Right?

Enough of my rant, let’s tell you what actually went down in the three days of my Net-Detox:

  • I suddenly found myself not being stuck to my phone. I felt like the chain between the phone and me un-tied. I knew my phone wouldn’t be unnecessarily ringing away so I actually kept it off the usual silent mode. There was no need for me to check my phone again and again and the best part was that the notification bar wasnt cluttered anymore.
  • Because of technology these days connecting with people is so easy. Everybody finds it convenient to just ping a friend but very few people call & have a proper conversation. So, I thoroughly enjoyed receiving calls for when people wanted to talk to me. I was also relieved of the wasteful chatting.
  • I actually felt like I was on some sort of holiday. You know how when you travel you don’t care so much about your phone except for taking pictures. You don’t seem to care about what the rest of the world is upto because you are too engrossed enjoying your own surroundings. Well, this is exactly what I felt like. I felt so connected with what exactly was happening around me and yet disconnected from the rest (which in many ways is good). Almost made me very very seriously contemplate giving up social media. Scary but true!

Unfortunately though, the world will ruthlessly rule out and forget people like me if we do so. Sad but true!

  • I felt so proud of doing this Net-Detox because of being so productive. It wasn’t like I wasn’t working, I still took out time and wrote (well this post!) and also started finally working on my first fitness blogpost. And the most exciting thing that I finally took out time for, was planning my next travel.
  • The most difficult thing was not having Google a click away. Google has really changed our lives in a good way and thats something I really missed. The other essential thing I couldn’t use was the Uber App! Again kind of an essential. Although this time it was a short period for the Net-Detox but the last time I remember having my friends book me a cab over the weekend for a night-out (see there are ways of getting around still).

Too much of anything isn’t good and maybe that’s why I felt the need to take a serious break. But I know the mobile is kind of an addiction for everyone (for different purposes although) these days. Trust me we all need a break and there is so much more time you will find at hand to do a lot of other things that can add value to your life for Real. And for all of my blogger friends or social media fanatics reading this, you really NEED A BREAK. You need sometime for yourself & that’s the most important thing.

So go do that Net-Detox & if you come out feeling refreshed then you know who to thank 😉

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram @thestylechair ❤️ or mail me on aleena@thestylechair.com


  1. An interesting take indeed. I guess you hit the nail on the head hinting moderation, as a complete withdrawal might not be the best option , Great Post Mz Aleena!!

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