Pune to Dharamshala🚘| My Fittripping Experience

Just about a month back I set out on a very memorable journey, a trip that will remain at the top of ‘the craziest trips’ I’ve ever done & a trip of a lot of firsts.

The highlight of the trip was the ‘Fittripping’ and the ‘Glamping’ experience & I cannot wait to share all the details. So keep reading ❤

If the women of our house are mad when it comes to shopping (we can be out shopping all day long, even skipping meals). The men of the house are equally passionate and crazy when it comes to automobiles. While we the Makkars have all done 15-16 hour long drives together we had never even thought of sitting in a car for more than 24 hours. The men had yet done a non-stop drive from Pune to Delhi which was about 26 hours, but this time we were going to push the limits really hard! The Makkars definitely love having themselves a little adventure.

A 37 hour journey covering a distance of 1869 kilometers from Pune to Punjab was our target. And our final destination was yet actually in Himachal.

The most important thing when traveling is, comfortable clothing. Muscles tend to get sore and cramped up while just sitting around in one place. So stretches are extremely important to keep the body going. This is exactly how my Road Trip became my ‘Fit-Trip’!

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Fittripping TSC (2) copyIMG_8892 copy

Fittripping TSC copy

All thanks to the fantastic fitness wear by Zelocity I sailed through the extremely long car journey & my body was not one bit sore or cramped as I made sure to stretch at every pit-stop.

If you all have been following my stories on Instagram you all know what a fitness fanatic I have become of late. Being in my tracks all the time in fact made me feel really active, like I could just start jogging at any point. I kept up the exercise regime even once we reached Ludhiana by going for a run in the evening.

The real holiday actually began once we set out of Ludhiana for McLeod Ganj. I was all geared up for the journey in my tracks and a jacket (which FYI everyone especially loved since it was well fitted & had its bright accents). Enroute while driving we spotted some beautiful fields (those much talked of fields of Punjab). So, I had the car halt and made a run for it (yes, it was my mini DDLJ moment! Atleast in my head it was). Ideally I would’ve not even thought of doing such things being in my fairly fancy clothes but hello ‘Fittripping’.

Fittripping TSC (8) copyFittripping TSC (10) copy

On reaching Camp Indrunag near Dharamshala I announced to the whole Family the concept of ‘Glamping’. And luck was to have it that Camp Indrunag was fairly new, so with all of us occupying four tents; it was almost like having the whole place to ourselves. The tents were ultra cute, with a nice proper washroom (I shall have a Room Tour Video up on my YT Channel soon). The first day we couldn’t do much all thanks to the hailstorm and the rain. But we definitely enjoyed the much needed downtime and family bonding time over lunch and an indoor bonfire session by the night.

Fittripping TSC (3) copy

FYI due to the cold I actually had to wear inners inside my track pants too. Thank God for the black pair which wasn’t so tight, so I could easily layer up! (It was also my loved pair anyway while travelling in the car for not being ultra tight.)

Here’s a Tip: while we all love fitted tracks, it’s good to have some tracks that aren’t too snug so you can travel around in them or even do your yoga sessions in.

Fittripping TSC (13) copyFittripping TSC (12) copyFittripping TSC (14) copy

Day Two at Camp Indrunag began with some morning stretches and a quick yoga session under the sun. We spent the day exploring McLeod Ganj and places around. Naddi was a beautiful viewing point, from where you could see the snow capped mountains up close. We then walked all around the streets of McLeod Ganj; soaking up the place, shopping for trinkets and souvenirs. Also relishing a scrumptious late breakfast at Cafe Budan. McLeod Ganj has some real cute quaint cafes to keep an eye out for. The evening was then spent in the Temple Complex of Dalai Lama & it was a beautiful experience. It was the first time I properly learnt about the chant that goes with the prayer wheel- ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’! In the night we got a very cozy spot at the Nick’s Restaurant where we enjoyed a yummilicious Italian meal.

Fittripping TSC (5) copyFittripping TSC (4) copy

Day Three (after a long and cold night) was kick-started with a run & that warm up was much needed. It was the first time I threw on this Zelocity Tee and I kid you not I was sold out the very moment I slipped it on. Never has a tee fit me this well, been so stretchable, so airy and of anti-sweat quality, all in one! Even though we were leaving Dharamshala we yet had a fun filled day ahead with some beautiful stops enroute, the first being Norbulingka. Not many people talk of Norbulingka but I am so glad we visited. It was truly the most blissful experience of the trip.

The Norbulingka Institute gave us quite an insight into the Tibetan Art & Culture and the temple set amidst the snow capped mountains in the background is a sight that will remain etched in my mind. They even have restaurants there where you can have a meal as well or shop at their own Norbulingka Store (although it might seem a little overpriced).

Fittripping TSC (6) copy

Fittripping TSC (7) copy

Once we were back in Ludhiana I came back to my regular clothing that I had left at home. I was so proud of myself and also extremely happy to see this transition in me and my dressing. The traveller as well as the fitness freak in me was patting me on the back.

Like they say- You are what you wear 🙂


Before I bid adieu a major thank you is in store for Stay On Skill! If they hadn’t introduced me to the concept of Fittripping I don’t think I would’ve had half as memorable a trip as I did. Do check out the Stay On Skill website for some fabulous ways of travelling or planning your next adventure- stayonskill.com

Fitness wear courtesy- Zelocity by Zivame.

Stay tuned for some more travel posts from this trip especially for TSC’s To-Do List from McLeod Ganj 🙂

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