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Happy Women’s Day to all my beautiful readers!

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If you are reading this post let me just tell you that you aren’t going to find any fashion tips or a story on the latest trends. Not a lot of times do I speak my mind out aloud and especially on today’s occasion of Women’s Day! But don’t worry if you want some Fashion Inspiration then keep scrolling down to see the last outfit with knee high boots for this season 🙂

Just the other day in some conversation I mentioned to my father- It’s women’s day coming up! So, the first thing my dad said (which he always says): “All these days are so stupid!” He dismisses the whole foreign concept of the- Rose Days, Father’s day, Grandparents day and what not. He said to me: Why are women assigned one specific day!? That’s what got my feminist mind running.

I soon came to realize, why is it that we need a day for us women!?? Why do we need the reassurance? Why when we want to be called equals and be treated as equals with the opposite sex, that we rejoice the fact that we have a special day to ourselves.

While on the other hand, let’s think of this as a tiny drop in the ocean for all the unseen and great deeds we women do! As an opportunity for women to be treated well and with respect which a lot of times in reality doesn’t happen. I would still say- treat me well everyday rather than go out of your way, just for a day *rolls eyes*

Personally the most annoying thing I personally feel we women face is, Stereotyping! Women who lift aren’t feminine, women date a lot are whores, women ruin the family name by being out late in the night, women who don’t dress modest are an ‘easy catch’. I try to break this thought process of people, but then there are times you realize it doesn’t make a shred of a difference! So I don’t feel demotivated, but I just continue doing what I think is right and not give two hoots about the world. Because at the end of the day, people talk! So let them 🙂 Know yourself, know your worth and know what you are doing is right.

Minus what’s biologically not possible. I have never let myself feel like there is something I shouldn’t try or shouldn’t do. What stops us is our own thoughts and preconceived notions. While I am all for changing people’s mindsets, I have realized I have nothing to prove to the world! I want to be a better version of myself everyday and that is independent of me being a man or a woman.

So let’s be proud of the people we are all day everyday & just work on ourselves rather than working on changing others. I would love to know your thoughts on this little personal rant & to find readers who relate to me or to find readers who can challenge my thoughts!

Now, before I bid my final goodbye to the winters here is the last outfit from the winter season.


Wearing black is such a statement in itself. So for a day look, minimal stylingworks really well. This outfit in fact is so fall perfect. For all my readers in colder parts of the globe it’s yet fashionably apt.

Outfit Details

Sweatshirt: H&M

Shorts: Bershka

Boots: Zara

Pendant: Pipa Bella

Fishnet stocking: SR Store

Lipcolour- Too Faced Liquid Lipstick, Fuchsia

Photography courtesy: Kruthika Pillai (@kruthika_pillai)

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  1. Hi Aleena. As stunning outfit as ever. Regarding the blog, I strongly have the same thoughts and we need more such fathers to have more daughters like you. Bless you 🙂

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