Badass Bridesmaid| Journey of two Sarees to a Designer Outfit

Badass Bridesmaid| Journey of two saris to a Designer Outfit

The wedding season has been upon us a while! But it’s officially Bridesmaid season for me. It’s going to be pouring weddings this season for me (& not as aMakeup Artist but as a part of the wedding). Not just any weddings, but real close friends weddings.

While friend’s weddings are super duper exciting, most of us girls first start worrying about ‘What to Wear’. Apart from this I am going to discuss a few absolute essentials, to ‘play that perfect bridesmaid’ to your Bride-Chilla. From bridesmaid duties to dressing up and keeping the bride’s smile up high all throughout the madness, let’s discuss it all.

The most exciting part of this post is also the journey of two sarees from Jaipur that made for a stunning designer outfit! Want to know all that goes into the making of a designer outfit? Then, Stay Tuned 🙂

So what’s this ‘Badass Bridesmaid’ Tag?

A Bridesmaid who is the 21st century bridesmaid. A bridesmaid who dresses fine and not ‘typical’, who runs and gets work done for the bride and yet makes sure to look pretty at the end of it.

That’s pretty much how I think I am even on a normal day. So why not take that title to your girl’s wedding too!?

There is only one Moto for a Bridesmaid– Let your Bride a Bride-Chilla and not a Bridezilla!

  1. Let the Bride be the main focus.

Yes I know we all get excited for our friends and for weddings but hey you don’t want to steal the main lady’s show do you? Don’t go overboard with your looks, make sure to look stunning yet not OTT.

Ask the Bride if she has any colour theme in mind for her Bridesmaids or ask her her wedding outfit colour and make sure not to wear the same colour on her special day.

My Badass Bridesmaid looks was all about minimal accessories and no stilettos. Well, a good bridesmaid should be on her toes so a good tip would be- wear comfortable shoes.

IMG_0348 copy

2. Be on your A-Game!

Be Alert and keep a close eye on the bride. Make sure that the bride is well attended to at all times. Let her not stress at all and just do everything and anything you can for her. It’s her special day and she deserves to feel special.

Bridesmaid Tip: While being on the go it’s very important to wear outfits that are comfortable and that get work done!

3. Stand out from the crowd.

There has got to be a difference between the bride’s bridesmaids and the rest of the crowd. Try and wear matching accessories or shoes or anything matching. If not even matching, keep something unique in your look just like the nathh I wore gave a very different touch, along with the natural curls.

IMG_0345 copy

It’s the most special day for your BFF, so it’s a special day for you too. Special days demand for special outfits. Nothing can be more special and personalized than a Designer made outfit.

Remember my Jaipur Shopping Haul & me buying two traditional sarees from Jaipur! Well look at what came out of it-

You all know my one and only designer I swear by in Pune- Ginni Wadhwa Couture!

  • The first thing I did was to get an appointment with my designer to show her the sarees I got and brainstorm with her as to what we could make out of the sarees. Ginni was quite happy with the abundance of material at her disposal. This gave her scope to come up with an outfit that could be really flowy.

  • Once the rough sketches of the outfit were ready we also decided on the work (embroidery/ handwork) to be done on the outfit.

Note: whether it’s your Hairstylist or Designer once they have a good rapport with you and understand you, they can really bring out the best in you. Ginni designed an outfit that could actually be used two ways. Separately as a dress and together as a skirt and singlet.

  • After this what followed was a meeting or two for the fittings and voila a completely unique outfit came into being. And the best part is its multi-functional and that’s exactly how I like it to be (considering we spend so much on an outfit not to wear it just once or the same way repeatedly).

IMG_0186 copy

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IMG_0180 copyIMG_0334 copyIMG_0146 copyIMG_0195 copyIMG_0269 copyIMG_0236 copyIMG_0288 copyIMG_0312 copyIMG_0319 copy

Location Courtesy– Tvum, Pune (BTW the food at Tvum is Indian and its finger licking good, well served and as you can see the set up is absolutely fabulous with those Bali feels)

Photography Courtesy– Kruthika Pillai (Instagram- kruthika_pillai)

I hope you guys liked this post! Do leave your comments below and don’t forget to Follow me on Instagram @thestylechair for all the real time updates from my friend’s wedding this Weekend.

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