Black Magic| All Black Series Part I

Ever heard of some one saying they don’t like wearing black? Well, black can be quite an addictive outfit but then at The Style Chair we love being unique. So we decided to talk about ALL BLACK Outfits and how you can look in-vogue, yet completely different in all black attires.

No more shall it be taboo to wear an All Black Outfit.

Black is just magical, don’t you think? It’s that colour that doesn’t need so much care, the colour that looks so slick, a colour that looks fabulous on all skin tones, on all ages and any occasion (although a lot of Indian women believe black is not an auspicious colour). In short, we all love black (without a doubt), but don’t you feel black is just so typical and sometimes it could actually end up being an obvious option? Well, Hello my beautiful readers❤️ The Style Chair has decided to do a whole Fashion Series called: All Black. To make sure that you don’t miss any of these posts make sure to follow The Style Chair Blog and stay tuned to this very exciting series. TSC shall show you HOW TO WEAR BLACK In Style and make a statement every time you don an All-Black Look.

all black s1 (6) copy

How many times do you think you can make a statement in that same black dress? Don’t you get worried that people will assume you just keep wearing the same clothes?

NO! You don’t have to worry about all this anymore. TSC definitely says yes to repeating clothes But WITH A TWIST-

Add on different kind of accessories,

play with the footwear &

layer up the outfit or play with other style elements.

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It all started with a much-loved black dress of mine that I have worn two-three times already and yet feel like wearing it every other time I head out for a glamorous occasion. But then the fear of obsessively wearing one outfit crept in, not like that let me down. I decided to be a Repeater to challenge myself and see How I can make the same black dress look different.

Today’s Black dress under the spotlight is a playsuit-maxi dress that is just plain black. The very hot and trendy fishnet stockings were added to give my dress an all new look. And to add some oomph a waist belt is used (PS: corset belts right now are the ‘IT’ thing)

The perfect opportunity to wear colorful elements is always with a basic color. Not many of you know but teaming black with colors always brings out the colours.

all black s1 (2) copyall black s1 (5) copyall black s1 (4) copyall black s1 (7) copyall black s1 (8) copy

Outfit Details


Fishnet- Style Syndrome (online)

Heels- Zara

Belt- Charles and Keith

This was an all out Glamorous look, but do stay tuned because there is a little something for everyone. Some different looks in store from the All Black Series here on TSC with black pants, black skirt, black sneakers and a lot more (lots of black for all you black lovers basically).

Photography Courtesy Kruthika Pillai. Follow her work on Instagram- @kruthika_pillai its a visual treat ❤

I have to make a special mention to Mocha Pune which ended up being such a Glam location despite the gloom. Talking about Mocha, I think all of us have college memories associated with that place. So you definitely need to make a trip their because now their food menu is even bigger and they even do breakfasts on the weekends.

So how did you like this post and especially the whole All Black Series idea? Do leave your comments below and Hit that Follow button to stay tuned (there are three more parts to this series, coming soon).

All Black Lookbook

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  1. I am so so so so so so so so much jealous 😞 I want to be at least half as babelicious!!!! 😮😊💝💕💖💞💜💗💖💕💝💞💓💞💖💖❤❤❤❤

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