15th Century Extravagance in Pune: The House of Medici

Magnificent chandeliers, large framed mirror, fireplace and dark wood interiors! It was almost like I walked into someone’s luxurious mansion and it felt just like a scene from a classic movie. Men in striped tees, suspenders & a painter’s cap; paintings on the ceiling were suggesting something but I just wasn’t sure. (Sometimes it’s nice not to research about a place and let your imagination run wild while you explore the place yourself.)

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What was earlier Kue Bar at the Westin Hotel in Pune has now been given a complete makeover and named The House Of Medici.

I was still intrigued. So, I decided to be a novice and just ask Arpan (the manager of The House Of Medici), what this whole Medici theme is? The answer was simple, it literally is the ‘House of Medici’

Let’s go back in time, like way back in time! Say the 15th century. A period in time where an Italian banking family better known as the House of Medici were one of the wealthiest families in Europe. The Medici Bank was the largest in Europe in the 15th century. Now that you have gauged how wealthy and renowned the Medici family was, it’s quite clear they had great tastes and even made sure they could bring entertainment to their own home rather than go out for it. A glimpse of exactly that is what you get to see in Pune City.

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20170307_214137 copy20170307_223316 copy

A conscious effort needs to be made to get over the sheer beauty of the place to really get to the fact that The House of Medici is a High Entertainment Lounge (as they claim) and not just a pretty place.

The House of Medici works as a culinary and mixology experience through the night and transitions to a club in the after hours (especially on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturday nights). They have a separate dance floor so one wont be impinging on your space while you dine for sure.

In Fact they have recently started Ladies Night every Wednesday night. Hola Ladies 🙂

Let’s get to the F&B part of The House of Medici-

20170307_232252 copy
Vegetable Skewers with Chilly Mash
20170307_215447 copy
Murgh Pasande
20170307_220931 copy
Achari Kumbh

20170307_221041 copy

20170307_230528 copy
Jerk Spiced Chicken with Potatoes
20170307_223723 copy
Imli Karela
20170307_222248 copy
Galouti Kebab
20170307_233252 copy
Blueberry Cheesecake

Quite evident from the pictures that we really had a scrumptious meal. What really amazes me as a non vegetarian is when a vegetarian dish can make me go WOW! That was exactly my reaction when I had the Achari Kumbh, the minced mushroom did literally melt in my mouth and ofcourse the cheesy little surprise in the core of the kumbh was quite an added twist to the dish. Galouti kebabs are generally supposed to melt in your mouth and its as simple a that. THOM Galouti Kebabs did melt in my mouth and it truly felt like me floating in food heaven.

Something peculiar that I noticed in all the dishes was that each of the dishes had their own flavours despite all being Indian spiced. Its what they like to call the ‘Medici Spices’. Instead of serving breads with the starters they would serve the kumbh or murgh dish with something like a cracker below it. This sort of combination made the dishes quite wholesome!

Even if you are stuffed you cannot leave without dessert snd its my way final test for a restaurant. The blueberry cheesecake we had was just exactly like how a cheesecake should be with a cheese-y texture and feel (not like a mousse). The blueberry and the tinge of caramel and chocolate sauce were only to add to the flavouring. in the true sense I enjoyed an authentic cheesecake after really long.

Mixology, fancy alcohol and of course the longest bar in Pune city had really upped my expectations for the drinks that I was expecting. Lets just say that THOM has made sure to keep themselves a class apart from the rest in terms of cocktails and a fun fact about their glasses also is that they use ‘stemless’ glasses. So it’s not like typically having wine in a steamed glass, it’s a different experience.

20170307_235033 copy

20170307_230248 copy
Pincian Hill in the making!

We tried the ‘Medici Legend’ cocktails- Michelangelo & Balthus Dream. Quite liked how the cocktails were made as per our taste (by Mixologist Kishan) and were so well blended that neither was the fruity flavour taking over the taste of the alcohol or vice versa. Everything just went down so smooth that it was hard to stop myself from sippng away. I especially loved the Balthus Dream with the orange marmalade (yes! you heard that right) and hint of cinnamon.

Honestly there isn’t so much I understand about Mixology or about making cocktails but when I see a mixologist use fancy apparatus and smoking a cinnamon stick I am downright impressed by just seeing the amount of effort that is going into making my drink (of course you are paying equally that much for a drink)

The Pincian Hill Cocktail was quite a smooth (bourbon based) cocktail when it came to the blend of the flavours. Of course the smoked cinnamon stick kept adding to the apple and maple flavour of the drink.

The House of Medici aims to cater to a global palette with an absolutely unique menu. Each and every dish on the menu has been creatively created by Sous Chef Rishi Verma and his team. The culinary expertise isn’t only seen in their world class preparations but is strongly evident in the Indian dishes that were made to true perfection (with their Medici twist).

I have to admit that the whole dining experience is quite extravagant right from the presentation, to the service and of course the food.

What my palate loved the most?

The Spiced mashed potato in the ‘Vegetable Skewers with Chilly Mash’- Sheer brilliance (I have to admit I never really liked mashed potato because I always found it too bland) & now while I write this I am craving that chilli mash and the healthy veggies.

Imli Karela- might seem a little to tangy to have as it is but I would definitely opt for this one while sipping a whiskey. The Imli Karela was quite the perfect bar snack for me!

Pincin hill was my favorite mixology pick. I loved how smooth a whiskey cocktail was made despite the fruity blends to it.

What are you waiting for?

If you wish to have an extravagant night out, then I would definitely recommend an experience at The House of Medici (if it’s a birthday then, definitely at their ‘suites’). And as an after party place you definitely need to head to THOM because with a bar that big you will never have to push or pull for a drink at the bar 😀

DSC_0557 copyDSC_0537 copy

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