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Combat dressing isn’t for the meek just like being a soldier isn’t for the weak!

Taking on military fashion the ‘vogue’ way for the first time on The Style Chair! Along with a Style Check all you Girl Bosses are going to love this post for a lot of reasons, so keep reading.

A Military Jacket thrown on even a simple outfit makes a strong statement.


Olive greens are the flavour of the Fall season and to spice things up a bit I’ve experimented with the very ‘en vogue’ Military Jacket!

Slowly over the years (as my fashion and I, have become more bold) I’ve warmed up to the idea of ‘combat fashion’. Firstly, I think I need to answer a simple query people seem to have- Whether a Military jacket or Camo (camouflage) jacket or Combat jacket, they are all pretty much the same.


Two years back I bought my first pair of combat boots and let me tell you that I feel quite badass-y every time I put them on. This year I decided to let the badass in me have a little fun with the military print and got myself a Military Jacket. (You will clearly see how ‘glamorously’ badass I felt like in the jacket)

“Everyday is a Fashion show & the world is my runway”

Unfortunately or fortunately 😉 I don’t believe in being basic. I love being glam & dressing up a look with a pair of heels, accessories and a bright lipstick. Minus the bright lipstick I’ve gone totally ‘Vogue’ with this military look.

The right location and my favourite photographer (Kruthika Pillai on Instagram as @kruthika_pillai) put together, have resulted in some astoundingly fabulous pictures that I am overtly proud of💯❤ (I might be going a little ahead of my line but a girl can dream. And I’m actually thinking of sending these across to the Vogue Magazine)

Experimentation was the key for the whole look and so I did, especially with the Hair & Makeup (making full use of my expertise).


HAIR: I managed to gel back my bangs and keep the hair looking absolutely sleek. Try out this look yourself with completely wet hair, lots of gel and a fine comb. Comb through the gel right from the top of your head to the ends, especially saturating the top with gel to keep the hair flat and sleek.

MAKEUP: Nude lips are perfect for the times you don’t want the attention all on your face. Whenever keeping the eyes dark too a nude lippie is always a better option. The ‘glossy eyes’ made headlines this year so I decided to glam up the smokey eyes by first applying some lip balm on the eyes and then dabbing on black eyeshadow on the lids (with the fingertips). Notice how the edges of the eyes have been kept frayed and more square-ish to give the look a more editorial touch.

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Outfit Details

Not everyone is bold in their outlook and being a woman being bold is most often associated as ‘un-ladylike’. Am I not a nice girl because I speak my mind, dress bold and express without inhibitions?

Well, I am proud of being a person with bold thoughts but a question that often comes to my mind is- do I need to silence myself to come across as ‘nice’? & can only the demure be considered likeable? There are numerous times I’m proud of being a girl boss! But on the down side at times I wonder if we have lesser people around because we are strong in our thought, views and behaviour???

Lets keep it simple! I just want to be loud in a crowd (which I already am), want to be able to pay my own bills, make my own decisions without the men or women feeling like their value or worth is being jeopardised. Let’s not be made to feel bad for our success!

Philosophy jyaada hogaya na :p

Let me end by saying, I am just a regular girl with strong views and an enormous love for fashion. So if u feel the same do leave me a comment below or just connect with me on Instagram @thestylechair 

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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