Five things to Love and Hate about Pondicherry

I recently travelled to Pondicherry as you all must be aware (if you are following me on social media). It was quite a short trip of barely 3 days and I went with a group of old school friends.

While planning this trip a lot of people asked me why Pondicherry? They told me it would be really boring. I just knew I wanted to do a trip in India and definitely down south that would be just ‘chill’, Kerala was an option but since I have done that earlier too we ruled that out.

As of what I researched and asked a lot of people who had earlier been to Pondicherry, I already had a fair idea of what the trip would be like and I was keen on Pondicherry especially for the drive from Chennai (on the ECR) which also happens to have Mahabalipuram en-route. I am saving all the details of the road trip and my whole holiday in Pondi for my next post that shall have my Vlog too.


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For now to answer a lot of people who have asked me ‘Is Pondicherry worth it’? Here goes:

Let’s start with five things that you will hate about Pondicherry

  • No Nightlife– if you are going to Pondicherry thinking you are going to go party all night and be chilling at bars till wee hours in the morning then you are wrong. Pondicherry shuts early! Restaurants wrap up by 10.30-11 & bars (very few) would shut by max 12am if it’s on a weekend. FYI there are just a handful of dedicated bars or lounges.

Also not all restaurants serve alcohol so do check up on that to avoid any last minute disappointments if wine and dine was on your mind.

  • Prebook– the popular places in Pondicherry are generally crowded especially over the weekend so pre book your table if you don’t want to be stranded. We missed a real good dinner and had to go to some place else and had a real bad experience so you definitely want to pre book.
  • Shuts early– except Dominos I literally think there is no other saviour for you in Pondicherry beyond 10.30pm. Like I mentioned above, Pondicherry shuts early! Restaurants wrap up by 10.30-11 and bars also at 11.30pm max.
  • No beach shacks– Pondicherry is no Goa, so don’t expect the beaches to have shacks. Paradise beach does have just about two shacks but its nothing like the goa vibe. Best is to keep your own beach mat, food and drinks and relax. Disclaimer: the currents aren’t very kind to swim in.
  • Mosquitoes – Make mosquito repellent your best friend when in Pondicherry. I was bitten by mosquitoes even in the day (while others weren’t) & ofcourse the nights are just miserable in terms of being scratchy with mosquito bites. Don’t think twice and layer yourself with mosquito repellent.

Another thing to hate is the humidity. Unfortunately that is one thing you can’t change is the humidity and that really got to me especially coming from dry climate in Pune.

I knew all of these facts beforehand (except the mosquitoes), hence didn’t hate Pondicherry at all. I will definitely admit that it’s difficult to get ready in time for an evening and push yourself out by 8 (even in our city lives where do we manage to get out that early) but it’s workable 🙂

Five things to Love about Pondicherry (FYI I loved Pondi for more than five reasons)

  • Drive to Pondicherry: this one factor that I was really excited about totally lived up to it’s expectations. Not only is the drive on the ECR beautiful (wait for glimpses of it in my upcoming Vlog) but also as the driver the drive is fabulous in terms of the roads being amazingly smooth.


  • Peaceful: If you are looking at a relaxed holiday then Pondicherry will play that perfect blissful host. If you are seriously looking at finding inner peace then you have Auroville and also the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in the French quarters itself. Especially if you are staying in white town you don’t hear the city bustle or any honking and it’s all pretty peaceful.


  • Food: Yes I know it sounds awkward when people use the term ‘foodgasm’ but on a trip to Pondicherry that phrase can be very aptly used. From french food to tamil food, breakfast delights to wood fired pizza to the best of seafood and to top it all the most mouth watering desserts. There are some real good places for gelato and even fresh made chocolates. Don’t be surprised if you get served a dish you that you have even seen on an episode of Masterchef.
  • Long walks on promenade– I personally loved the walk along the Rock beach or promenade as it’s called. Especially being in white town and quite close to it, we went for walks there everyday at least once. For people who live inland like me, the sea breeze in my hair and the horizon being farthest in sight was one of the most picturesque sight and moment that will always be a memory etched in my mind.



  • Beautiful french colony– it’s quiet, it is green,it has the best of places to eat at or stay and yes i’m getting to it- most importantly the essence of a french colony. This town hasn’t been called the ‘Europe of India’ for nothing. No kidding I felt like I was in Europe too (did even say that in the moment there so many times) especially with the fact that once you are in white town everything is just a walk away.


20160828_085414 - Copy

Another European feel I got was with the Pondi cycle tour. Glimpse of it is already up on my Instagram @misschopchop

Of course you all know that Pondicherry being a Union Territory has lower taxation making it a rather inexpensive state for a holiday.

Safe to say I loved Pondicherry and definitely know I will go back because of the whole vibe of the place plus need to check off other things from my Pondi To-Do list which I couldn’t this time around.

Stay tuned for more on the Blog 💋

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    1. Oh ya lotssss! Villa shanti, le dupliex, palais de mahe. Do check the home stay we stayed at too- Le Closerie. Also there is the Promenade too. Airbnb has alot of stays but mostly all r a bit far

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