Madrid City: a Spain Must-do?


Today’s travel post is not only going to give you an itinerary for Madrid but will also tell you if this city is a hit or miss if you are planning a trip to Spain. And for the rest of you who don’t really care and want to just experience Madrid for yourself then skip all the chatter and just watch my Vlogs attached below 😀

I’m sure you all know Madrid is the capital city of Spain and this actually does make it a very important city in Spain (obviously) but is it really that important for you explorers or wanderlust-ers?

My trip to Spain wouldn’t have been incomplete without visiting Madrid. I was already told by my best friend who has visited Madrid that it is very city-like so spend least time there (because she knows I am more of an explorer). But to my amazement I actually enjoyed Madrid.

While every city has the typical city feel to it but at the same time every city has an old town side to it. That’s exactly what I had planned to explore in Madrid. Or as my guide in the Tapas Experience beautifully called it Mari (her accent was just lovely maybe little misleading though :p)

Here’s what made Madrid an interesting Holiday spot for me:
Being the first Spanish city in our Spain Vacation, this city became our first door to Spain. In fact we got a lot of knowledge about Spain in Madrid (courtesy the tour guides at the walking tours), the history of Spain, Origin of Tapas, the fashion and food culture in Spain.

  • Exploring the Hapsburg (west) side of Madrid with the Sandemans new Madrid free walking tour. Get a real feel of the tour with its glimpse in my Madrid. Vlog attached below. This tour was our first walking tour ever and It was just fabulous and we gained a lot of knowledge while soaking up the city on foot and getting a real feel (rather than sitting in a hop-on hop-off bus). Hapsburg Madrid takes you through the history of Spain and some remarkable architecture.




  • Being well connected by modes of transport is yet very different from actually being Centrally located. We were staying literally at Puerta del Sol. The heart of the city, Plaza Major was just a 7 min walk, shopping was literally a stone’s throw away, Gran Via was also a 10min walk, bars, restaurants and even the best of Churros were right around the corner. (Tip: if you are an explorer and barely use a hotel room except for the bed, then compromise on the hotel but definitely not the location). BTW we stayed at Hotel Moderno (wasn’t the best of rooms we have stayed in but the location made this hotel just love)


  • Tapas and Taverns

From knowing the Wikipedia definition of Tapas, there was nothing else we knew about Spanish Tapas. Madrid was a total game changer for us when it came to Tapas and it was all thanks to our Tapas Experience Tour with Sandemans new Madrid tours. Learnt a lot about Spanish Jamon (Ham), tried 9 types of Tapas, Sangria and How to drink from a leather pouch (botella de vino).
For all of you who love food and are intrigued about Spanish culture, I’ve separately made a Tapas Experience Vlog⬇ Watch it and especially for our fun guide Alexandra aka Alex (pronounced as Alekjandra)

  • Shopping

Some very authentic shopping was done in Madrid. Research had told me that in Madrid there was a street that sold local made Espadrilles (shoes with a jute braid as the heel) called Casa Hernanz (in between Plaza Mayor and La Latina) we even found some good leather bags and shoes there. The rest of the brands were at a street that was visible from the balcony of my hotel room. Gran Via too was just a 10 min walk which had all the branded stores and in enormous size. There are a lot of boutique stores also that you will find around Callao and Puerta del Sol that have some unique buys 🙂



I’ve compressed and documented my two days in Madrid in my Madrid Travel Vlog below⬇Watch it, like it and leave your comments as to how you like it? and what more you would like to see in my Travel Vlogs? Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel :*

Keeping everybody else’s unique interests in mind, here are a few reasons why you can’t miss Madrid:

  • Flamenco

Madrid has a lot of famous Flamenco shows that you can catch in the city and get the real feel of Spain 😀

  • Football fans

Hala Madrid! Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the famous home ground for the Real Madrid FC

  • Art lovers

The best of Spain’s museums and some of Europe’s finest art work can be found in the various museums in Madrid.

  • Shopping

From local street shopping, to boutiques, Sunday flea market to all the Brands on a grand street! Madrid can make quite a shopping destination too (BTW I did a lot of my shopping in Madrid)

  • Atocha Railway station

The biggest railway station in this capital city & also famous for its tropical gardens inside. This station will be your hub for travels to all the other cities in Spain.


  • Chocolateria San Gines

If chocolate is your weakness then you need to try out the Hot chocolate with Churros at Chocolateria San Gines (open since 1894)



So unlike expected I had a good Spanish experience even in Madrid (which you can see in my Vlogs) but yet again if you really want to explore the heart of Spain, small towns are the answer ❤

Stay tuned for more Travel Post from Spain 🙂

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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