Get Irresistible Hair| Product Review Vlog

Want Irresistible Hair but you just got your haircut short? Got to attend a wedding and your hair is too short for that gorgeous lehenga or gown? Want to make a plait but your hair looks too thin? Have long hair but fed up of the thin ends?

DSC_0307 copy

DSC_0305 copy

One answer to all problems is Hair Extensions Instantly take your hair to the next level with Hair Extensions! No weaving no glueing no need to worry about them falling off during a wash.
A lesser known fact: I have been seen flaunting clip on hair extensions since 6-7 years.

TSC introduces the Silky Touch 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.
Wash them, Iron them, curl them, cut them & even colour them. Yes, that’s what its like when you have 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.

DSC_0315 copy

DSC_0322 copy

DSC_0320 copy

Being a Hairstylist I shall give you a little insight to extensions.

  • Natural or human hair extensions are mighty expensive as compared to synthetic extensions.
  • Synthetic hair extensions cannot be heat styled or washed forget about coloured.
    Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper.
  • Best quality extensions are only available in USA or UK. Even my earlier set of extensions (synthetic hair) were bought in Malaysia.

My own personal experience with real hair extensions in India uptil now has been pretty bad, the hair in the extensions actually had split ends too *eeks* so I rather then just buy synthetic extensions in India.

But, when I heard all about these Irresistible Me extensions I was blown away especially after knowing the price it was available at.

Without further adieu I shall let you Watch my experience with my Vlog on Youtube⬇ talking all about the Silky Touch extensions (even putting them on right infront of you) and my whole Irresistible Me experience. Subscribe to my channel for direct notifications with new video uploads on The Style Chair Channel🎥

Check out Irresistible Me on:
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