How to Dress Hippie| Transforming a basic outfit to a Hippie Look

While boho has been quite the love on TSC! A little new flavour needed to be added. HIPPIE! (PS: This is not an after effect post of Coachella)

Hippie Fashion is one of the very old trends. Late me give you a flashback of the 60’s! Remember seeing Hollywood and Bollywood stars being dressed up all hippie in those retro songs. Yes, that’s the kind of fashion I had in mind when I put together this look.

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Aren’t Hippie and Boho the same?

For all of you who thought hippie and boho were the same, there are similarities but you definitely need to read this post to know the fine difference.

Let me not go all wikipedia on you with definitions and in layman’s terms explain the difference between hippie and boho.
Hippie is more tribal while Boho is more chic.

Hippie is associated with thrift and used (especially worn out) clothes whereas boho can be that new fringe dress or cold shoulder top too.

Face tattoos or bindis are absolutely hippie (FYI Indian hippies are called Banjaras) Boho is absolutely minus face drawings.

Note: Boots, vests or jackets and junk jewellery are synonymous to both Boho and Hippie.

Key things to keep in mind while dressing Hippie:


Whether its tribal prints, aztec, ikat and even psychedelic prints are so very hippie.

Handcrafted jewellery

From oxidised silver jewellery to beads and even handmade necklaces or earings give a totally thrifted touch to the hippie look.


A headband that goes across the forhead spells out Hippie loud and clear (whatever kind of headband it maybe). Floral headbands are not hippie (that is boho)


John lenon kind of sunglasses go best with the hippie look. Here I was seen wearing a pair of reflective sunnies to add more colour to the overall look.

Loose fitted clothes

Whether its loose cold shoulder tops or peasant tops or even kurtas, it absolutely gives the hippie touch to the look.

Thrift/ Used clothes/ Ripped Clothes

Hippies are meant to be nomadic and hence their clothes looked like it too. Torn and tattered is what I connect with when I think of hippie. Also the flared pants (here is where the 60’s influence playsa major role)
For all of you who have been dying to rip those old pair of denims then get in trend and learn How to make your Denims Frayed! Watch my latest Youtube Tutorial & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE⬇

Minimal Makeup

Makeup was always on the minimal side for Hippies. So, then why did I go ahead and do all the face art in white on my face? Here is where I took inspiration from the Indian hippie (banjara) look and went ahead and did a mix of few designs and bindis on my face.

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Photography Courtesy Kruthika Pillai (Instagram @kruthika_pillai)

Outfit Details

Denims- H&M
Gladiators- Tresmode
Bag- Bomono
Flash tattoos- Koovs
Earings- Krafted with Happiness
Headband- Self made
Necklace- bought from Udaipur
Sunnies- Knockaround

Feel free to contact me on for any queries, suggestions or collaborations 🙂

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