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Why should girls have all the fun!!! Getting out of narcissist mode I am for once leaving women’s fashion out and doing a little peak into a man’s life. Wouldn’t be right for me to take all the credit for this! Actually the ‘Peek into his Bag’ concept is by Mohawk Bags, being such a fun and untouched concept I took it on immediately. So, lets take a look at what you will find in a man’s bag 🙂

Under TSC’s Spotlight today is my brother. My brother is all of 23 and now has been working for over a year. You all have still spotted my mother on my social media ( who has fun with being clicked with me) but getting the brother to be a part of this post in itself was kind of a deal.

Let me give you a little background of my brother! Ankit studied Hospitality management and now works with the sales department at JW Marriott in Pune. The rest of the time he is seen drooling over cars, pimping our own cars or going for a long ride with his beloved bike (I’m sure all you men are really connecting with all this total testosterone rush and all you women are sighing :p )

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Keeping the suspense at bay, let’s take a look at what I spotted in my brother’s new Mohawk Bag.

Firstly I just have to take a few moments to appreciate the bag as it is. Oozing class and a touch of vintage this bag is perfect for those who like to keep the ‘gentleman’ side of them alive. This is a bag for keeps whether you are 20 or 50 you will always want to have this bag by your side (literally 😉 )

final mb (4) copy

Also, here the look put together is a casual fashion look that can be worn by you men on a day off catching up with friends, shopping or even while travelling. Joggers are quite the trend you men need to get hooked onto for being super comfy. Get out of your pants after work and get into those joggers (will take credit here for getting my brother onto the jogger bandwagon).

TSC’s Trend Alert: Joggers are quite the unisex trend to get your hands on now.

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Getting back, there are a few things that really (pleasantly) surprised me while I took a Peek into His Bag.

fimage copy

final mb (10) copy

final mb copy


  • GoPro Camera- Would never have imagined someone carrying a GoPro everyday but my brother is such a pro biker that he has his mount permanently attached to his helmet for his GoPro, so he just attaches it on when needed.
  • Tissues- gone are the days when the sign of a gentleman was his hanky. But yet the brother surprised me with his little packet of tissues.

The not so shocking but yet happy to know the man actually carries all this stuff-

  • Tie- because not all days at work demand a tie, but yet good to have one for that unannounced meeting.
  • Pendrive- any individual should carry a pendrive for any data you might need from someone. Simple example my brother gives me is- “What if I am at my friends place and I want to take a movie he just downloaded”. Right, that definitely makes sense.
  • Book- I don’t know how much he really is preparing for his MBA, but when did any of us really study. Yet there are people like me who carry novels.
  • Portable charger- a necessary need these days. Especially for his bike ride days where you don’t get a chance to charge the phone for hours at a stretch.
  • Perfume & Mint – thank god he had these in his bag orelse I might be thinking of options of disowning him :p
  • Laptop- doesn’t always carry it around. But he was happy to have a bag that had a laptop section wide enough to fit his laptop.

A little about Mohawk

Mohawk is a young Indian brand from the house of Crea. Addressing the fast
fashion needs of the global youth. The brand target audience are young
upwardly mobile, first and second jobbers, who are striving for success and
working on making their mark in their profession. Mohawk designs and creates smart
fashion forward bags at highly competitive prices, that allows its customers to
buy more and keep in sync with the changing fashion without digging in too
deep in their pockets.

Leave a comment on how you liked this post on men’s fashion?? and because I wish to be kind to all you men (who I normally neglect), Here is a little something for all of you→ If you buy any bag from Mohawk today, Direct message @mohawk_collection (on Facebook or Instagram) with your full name to receive a FREE GOODIE along with your bag and mention the code UDTSC10

If you are wondering where you can buy the Mohawk Bags from. Go online and check out Flipkart, Amazon and and just search for Mohawk Bags you will find their full range there.

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