Diver for Life Vlog| The Open Water Diver Course at Havelock

The much awaited post is up and probably the best thing I have done purely for myself is here. An experience you all should atleast have once in a lifetime and for the ones who love it, it becomes an addiction ❤

Scuba diving is something that I have done earlier (at the age of 13) at Lakshadweep Islands but this time around after 13 years what makes it more special was that it was a solo trip for getting a Diving Certification!

My whole diving trip was booked by Wildervibe. I had absolutely nothing to arrange for except my travel tickets. In terms of meals and personal expense obviously all was on me. But, the pick ups, the whole diving learning, the stay and the drops were all taken care off by Wildervibe www.wildervibe.com

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If any of you readers are non-swimmers please don’t leave this post! Because Scuba diving is not only for swimmers and even non-swimmers can do deep sea diving.

This trip to Havelock wasnt just about diving it was about getting a Diving Certification, which would enable me to dive at any international dive sites. The course that I did was the SSI Open Water Diver Course which certifies you to dive upto a depth of 18m anywhere in the world. The Open Water Diver Course is for three days. In the OW Course you have one session of confined water training and you have to log in 4 deep sea dives and give an exam to become a certified diver. After this course you can even do the Advance Diving Course immediately if you wish (which certifies you to a depth of 30m, includes underwater photography, night dive and additional diver skills).
No diving is done without a buddy (so it’s a given that you don’t dive alone). Wherever you go diving later you ho to a dive shop who give you the equipment and some one accompanies you on the dive.

As much as I’m loving giving the details on diving, I am going to hold my excitement and let you experience it for real through my Vlogs that I have attached below. Do SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel- The Style Chair & show some love 🙂

Since I tried to wrap up the whole of 72 hours of being in Havelock, the video was becoming too big, so here Below I’ve attached a video of the last day of diving where we had the best experience underwater & its purely to show you what all we saw underwater↓

All the videos underwater were shot by two GoPro cameras (one was rented and the other one was Shyam’s my dive groupie’s GoPro camera. I’m not sure of the specifications but I think both were a Hero4). All the other videos above water were shot from my Samsung S5 phone (except the selfie videos the back camera videos are actually of real good quality).

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  1. This is amazing. The video really makes you feel like you were there in Havelock.
    Loved the White tassel shrug over the jumpsuit 🙂
    Next time… Me comin too!!

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