Preppy in Plaid!

Being a fashion blogger has evolved my fashion sense a multiple folds & made my personal style more experimental with the passing years.

Before I talk about the Look for the Day, I wanted to mention the Spoyl App where you can find favourites from my closet at throwaway prices. Quality? Well you know how well I take care of my clothes so you needn’t bother about it. My username of Spoyl is- Aleena Mackar

While I always thought Plaid was synonymous to winters, now I find myself experimenting with plaid even in spring. With fashion there is no limiting to any particular season (yes wearing fur/leather in summers is pure discomfort & completely off track)

TSC Fashion Tip: If you like a certain trend you can always twist that certain part of your outfitΒ  around and pair it to suit the current fashion/seasonal trends.

Plaid you know, but do you know what Preppy fashion is? Preppy fashion simply is school girl fashion! The first thing you think of when it comes to a school girl is either a sporty tee shirt or a shirt, sneakers, backpack & of course the ‘above the knee’ skirts.
A lot of my young readers are happy to be over with their annual exams & some would be happy to go into college leaving their school uniforms behind. But Preppy Fashion is quite the thing especially in spring season.

IMG_9809 copy

IMG_9792 copy

IMG_9801 copy

IMG_9812 copy

IMG_9796 copy

IMG_9799 copy

IMG_9811 copy

IMG_9803 copy

IMG_9800 copy

So how do you get your preppy look going?
The key to preppy fashion is to have atleast two important elements from the preppy look. The rest of the elements of the outfit can be played around with for a personalised look of your own πŸ™‚

  • Pin striped shirt or plain shirt/ tee shirt (with the sleeves rolled up)
  • Sneakers/ kicks and a Plaid skirt are absolutely necessary (the colour combination of the plaid skirt can differ from the regular red and black too.

So if you are tired of your regular style of dressing and want to try something new pick out your favourites from this preppy look & mail me on with a picture of your own preppy style! Go Preppy Girl πŸ˜‰

IMG_9807 copy

Skirt- H&M
Shirt- Westside
Shoes- Koovs
Ankle length socks- Adidas on
Sunnies- Aldo
Watch- Guess
Wristband- Swarovski
Bucket Bag- Cupidity

Photography Courtesy Kruthika Pillai (Instagram @kruthika_pillai)

PS: I am just about getting back into shooting mode as I was yet in wanderlust mode after my trip! So, I will be out with a lot summer posts and lots of Tutorials on my YouTube Channel πŸ™‚

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