Spring Break at Havelock Island

Last month I finally went and fulfilled my wish of becoming a certified scuba diver. To complete this wish I made the best decision of choosing Havelock as my destination. A small spring break, tons of adventures and memories added to my wanderlust tales 🙂

Take a look at the whole Holiday in Havelock in the Vlog attached below. Don’t forget to Subscribe to The Style Chair Channel for more scuba diving videos coming up 🙂

Here are details below on request for all of you who are planning a holiday at Havelock.

Why Havelock?

So first things first I’m sure all of you must be wondering what’s this Havelock & what’s so great about Havelock?
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most underrated islands & holiday destinations in our country. Infact if you think clear waters then you shall be proud to know that India lies no behind when it comes to crystal clear water. The first time I was shown images of Havelock I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first thing I stopped doing was assuming that all clear waters lie beyond India. A typical example of how we have everything in India and just don’t value it.

The reason I chose Havelock for my trip was because I wanted to get my diving certification and it seemed like the ideal waters to do diving in with such clear blue & Calm waters. FYI I was going to actually get myself a diving certification in Goa last year and now I am so glad I took the decision not to.







Travel to Havelock

For going to Havelock you have to Fly to Port Blair, either via Kolkata or Chennai. From Port Blair (Phoenix Bay Jetty) you can take the ferry to Havelock island which takes about 2 hours. Ferries to Havelock go at specific times of the day and the frequency also is quite less.
FYI my round trip for air tickets & the ferry to Havelock came to about 30,000.

Why Havelock and not Thailand?

After you’ve just seen the pricing for the travel to Havelock I’m sure all of you are wondering why I didn’t just do a trip to Dubai, Thailand or Sri Lanka?
I had only 4 days in hand & one thing in my agenda! Getting my scuba diving certification. To be a Open Water Diver you need to dedicate three days to diving. These three days are quite like being at a camp, you have to study about diving, wake up early & be out the whole day doing a lot of physical exercise your body normally isn’t used to.
So now tell me does going to a new country make sense? Dubai was out because I wasn’t too impressed with Dubai as a dive spot! Thailand I’ve done & I know language can be quite a pain, plus I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy shopping or nightlife there due to lack of time & a discipline schedule. Sri Lanka is topping my to do Budget Travel list, but again just going to a country for a tick mark makes no sense I want to be able to explore the place & scuba diving would have consumed too much time for me to do so.

Havelock is all you want from a foreign beach or island! Its got crystal clear water, fluorescent blue waters, peaceful place, not overcrowded, freedom of going anywhere/ any time in the water (because the waters there are that calm)20160323_104529


Budgeting of the Trip

90 per cent of my trip and budget was sorted by Wildervibes. They took care of my stay at Havelock, my pick ups at all places while transiting, my dive course as well.
For all of this I was charged 43000 & I had to pay 50 per cent advance for my booking.
Infact I would say I ended up paying 10000 bucks extra (didn’t have anyone to share the room cost with either) than if I would’ve done all the bookings myself. But I happily paid this price keeping in mind I was travelling alone & it’s better when you know pre paid rates than reaching a destination and being fleeced or being stranded last minute.

For food and beverage I paid about 5000 for 11 meals in Havelock & might I add that we had some real good food.

Whether a PADI Dive course or SSI Dive course the fees is about 21000.
For the Stay you can find good rooms for even 1000 bucks a night.

Places to Stay

While I stayed in a tented cabana (which was the top most accommodation) at Island Vinnie’s. They also had the standard huts & upgraded huts (which were only available in conjunction with a diving course or package).


The cost for the tented cabana was 3000 INR for a night. A few of my friends who were diving were also living in rooms for about 1000 and some of the rooms even had A.C. as they weren’t right on the beach and were across the road.

Things To-Do

Apart from just relaxing on the beach, coming all the way to the Andaman Islands is more rewarding than just beautiful beaches.

Havelock has gorgeous crystal clear water & calm waters which makes it perfect for snorkelling and diving. You can even do kayaking at Havelock.

I did my Scuba Diving course at the Dive India centre.

Have a lovely day at the Radhanagar beach where you can actually swim without worrying about corals & the waves here provide a good surf boarding experience too. Enjoy even a walk during sunrise or sunset with the forest at the offset.


If you want to have the chance to relax on the beach with elephants then check out the elephanta beach but make sure to go there only in daylight & leave before sunset because of the walk through the forest to get to the beach.

If you cannot manage anything with water then you can even go for yoga classes and blissfully enjoy meditating with nature and bliss as the backdrop.

Places to Visit Nearby

Neil island which is about 21kms away from Havelock is another island to visit. It takes about an hour by a catamaran and has beautiful beaches and sites for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Places to Eat

  • Red Snapper
  • Full Moon Cafe (personally recommend this)20160324_154453
  • Anju-Coco Resto
  • Fat Martin’s

Lot of the Restaurants in Havelock only have a weekend license to serve alcohol so do check up and stock up on what ever your poison is from the market prior

Best experience

Hands down it has to be my Scuba Diving experience ❤ and I am going to be put up a separate Vlog of the journey of me becoming a diver and lot of underwater coverage of what all we saw underwater.



My next favourite and first experience was to go for a night swim. We infact were quite lucky that it was a full moon that night & I could still see my feet through the water. No one minds you going into the water as it is quite safe and that is the best part. Its absolutely serene, calm waters. Star gazing being immersed in water is an altogether new high 🙂

Worst experience

I didnt actually have any bad experience at Havelock! Just the sunburns, jelly fish stings & the flying cockroach in my cabana got me troubled. But, what’s an adventure without a little risk 😉

Things to keep in mind for Havelock Stay

  • Carry lot of sunscreen.
  • For snorkelling of scuba diving try and cover the full body orelse you are bound to get a very strong tan (due to prolonged time in the water which makes the tanning more strong)
  • Carry lot of mosquito repellent.
  • Carry a torch light.
  • There is no data coverage so if there is any sort of work you want to do on the net or even check emails then you have to go to a Wifi cafe (which apparently are pricey)
  • Carry a small first aid kit. Atleast carry dettol, band-aid and anti septic ointment in case of any cuts caused due to corals.

How to be a Successful Solo (Woman) Traveller?

The key to being a solo woman traveller is to always Be Safe! More than us its our near and dear ones who tend to worry about us: so always make sure to keep them posted with even a simple text message.
Be Alert at all times of things around you, keep a watch out for any trouble that you may see brewing.
Always keep someone back home aware of your where abouts & make sure to leave somebody’s number in case of emergency.
Preferably don’t move out too much in the night all by yourself.
Keep a perfume with u or a blade/ safety pin at all times. A pepper spray would be the ideal option.

Make new friends, have fun and explore! Being a traveller is the best thing in the world.

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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