Bonjour ft. PrettySecrets

I am not a morning person but I now love my mornings! And its all thanks to

IMG_3012 copy

Before I begin here’s a little you need to know- is India’s premium online lingerie store featuring sexy & trendy collection of bras, panties, lingerie sets, nightwear, swimwear, activewear & women dresses.They even provide COD, discreet packaging, easy exchanges & returns.

Recently I received an adorable bag full of goodies from PrettySecrets & I would love to share the experience- just like any another excited girl I opened the bag & just loved everything in it, from the ribbon tied nightdress to the soft & satiny eyemask, a little notepad (which I use a lot for my everyday check-off lists). Did I forget to mention how the cool the bag itself was, I can use it when I run for errands and yet look cool 😉

I am guessing you all might not know this but I am the kind of person who is most happy in a loose tee or a cute dress at home! The only one thing that stays constant is style.
I can be a little obsessive, but everything I do or wear has to have that touch of classy-ness or style orelse it just feels like a waste being regular. For all of you who now have guessed what my hint is! You are right 🙂 has made sure that I sleep in style & get up with a smile.

  • This nightdress is comfortable & not to forget stylish!
  • The animal print is what won it for me. You all know what a sucker I am for animal prints. Even if you go on their website you will see a lot of other really cute prints.
  • Coming to the most important aspect- the material used is 95% cotton! The nightdress feels quite soft against your skin, making it a very comfortable wear!

IMG_3033 copy

I know all you girly girls will love their satin night-suits & for some of you who have the opportunity to show off their night dresses, has some really pretty ones that can make your man go weak in his knees 😉

The best part about for me is the amount of variety they have in terms of nightwear, lingerie & even active wear! What tops it all of is that they are very affordable 🙂

As you may have noticed I am quite hooked to the idea of a photostory, so here I have put together a story of what my mornings look like. (PS: this is what a day off in bed would be like rather 😉 )

IMG_3047 copy
I love mornings but I hate getting out of bed!!!
IMG_3063 copy
This eyemask saves me the energy of asking for those extra minutes 😉
final ps copy
Did I tell you drama is my middle name :p

“Every day is a new day to begin again”

IMG_3015 copy
Finally the princess wakes up!!!

“Set a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning”

IMG_3025 copy
Checking out all the updates is the first thing I do! Guilty
IMG_3036 copy
A cup in my hand & those few peaceful moments is what I love most in the mornings!
IMG_3031 copy
I might not read the papers as much but I do read!
IMG_3043 copy
Me Time!
IMG_3039 copy
Comfort Zone
IMG_3022 copy
Snapchat addict! That’s me, so follow me @miss_chopchop 😉

Photography Courtesy Kruthika Pillai! Follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai

Follow me on Instagram @misschopchop for all my updates! Mail me on for any queries 🙂

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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