She found love in a hopeless place!!!

While its Valentine’s day & its all about love! TSC is all for love too ❤
Last year I did a post on ‘Valentine’s Special Looks‘ & this time I decided to share a little about my take on love, whilst having put together a beautiful concept with some fine photography & ofcourse a Chic Look for the day.

final vd (15) copy
Go in for a more minimal look with Hair up!
final vd (9) copy
Or dress up your look with your hair down & with hair accessories!

Streams of sunlight,
Pools of shade,
a rustling of leaves on a cool breeze,
a path to follow with skipping feet,
smelling the sunshine,
feeling a happy beat,
listening to bird songs,
teaching my heart to sing,
blissful solitude,
a feeling of peace,
finding balance,
walking in the woods.

final vd (10) copy

final vd (14) copy

Life for me has been like the woods & that’s where I learnt to love

final vd (16) copy

Just as she walked into the woods, dark & vast, intimidating yet encapturing. Feeling a little lost & excited for that brutal world out there.
As she walked she knew not which path to take. But as she looked close, she saw several paths. Several steps having traversed this darkness. She took her own steps & didn’t look down.
Her legs led her where her heart felt right. Proud she was of the paths she made for herself but unsure where it led her in the end! She stopped to soak in the sun & the woods, but darkness kept creeping in on her soul.
With another sunshine she rose back to her path, knowing by night the darkness would lead her path.
Years passed by & she was happy. She learnt to win the game of hide & seek, light versus dark!

Just like that on a fine day, she left the woods behind. The paths she had taken she shall not forget. All that she was, all that she dreamt, all that she suffered & all that she conquered was all in those paths.

She knew love now & she knew herself. Her love for life shall never end.

C’est la Vie ❤

final vd (2) copy

final vd (8) copy

final vd (4) copyfinal vd (3) copyfinal vd (7) copyfinal vd copyfinal vd (5) copyfinal vd (17) copyfinal vd (12) copyfinal vd (13) copy

Outfit Details

Top- Zara
Skirt- Busy Bee
Knee length socks- Forever 21
Waterfall Coat- Vero Moda on
Tassle Earings- Prerto
Cube Ring- Vida Loca
Midi Ring- Pipa Bella

Photography Courtesy Kruthika Pillai (she not only did a fantastic job, but also help spot this beautiful location)

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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Author: Aleena Mackar

Having been around the Blogosphere for three years now, Aleena has created a mark for herself with The Style Chair. From Fashion to Beauty and Travel, Aleena has been writing down her experiences for all her readers to be enlightened. Hers isn't just any Blog but as the name suggests its all about Style. Although this isn't her full time work, she has always kept the quality of content on TSC high. Having collaborated with a lot of big brands like W, Jabong, Myntra, Aurelia, Lee Cooper, Chandon, Maybelline, BeYu, Koovs and even Minawala Jewellery; she is also a Super Blogger with and has been awarded the Best Fashion Blogger of the year in 2016 by She loves to share her experiences and that's what people love about her. Her most watched Videos on her Youtube Channel are all Travel Vlogs (which she absolutely enjoyed making every time she travels). Leaving all this aside if you just want to actually know her real and crazy side then thats exactly what you get to see on her Insta Stories & Snapchat!

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