Introducing PRAEL: World’s First Marine Collagen Bio-Luxury

I believe 2016 shall be the year of beautiful skin for me because I just got PRAELed. The best from the world of collagen & the pioneer in the world of marine collagen is here to take our skin through a luxurious journey 🙂

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What is PRAEL?

Merging the European expertise in cosmetology with the richness of Asian beauty & culture, introducing the luxury beauty discovery of tomorrow – PRAEL.

Searching for the excellence of beauty, PRAEL’s team designed the contemporary fountain of youth – the essential skincare with marine collagen. The meticulous formula of PRAEL skincare is considered as one of the most revolutionary in the history of collagen skincare.

Why is Collagen so important?

Collagen is the most important structural protein in the human body. It forms at least 30% of the total protein mass of the human body, and at least 70% of skin protein weight. Loss of collagen begins to appear as early as in the age of 25 years.

Natural collagen is a trans-epidermal skincare, which means that it penetrates the skin within the cells providing them natural building blocks in form of a amino acids, which cause immediate repairing of damaged protein.

PRAEL Marine Collagen works in two ways. First from inside: it regenerates and completes the missing blocks. Second from the outside: it creates a natural protective film that breaths and speeds up the healing process.

The World of PRAEL has the following products: Revitalising Day Solution, Regenrating Night Solution, Jasmine Marine Collagen Serum & Eyelash Conditioner.

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The most unique of all is the Eyelash Conditioner & possibly the best replacement to a mascara making sure that we naturally have thick lashes!

PRAEL’s Marine Collagen works on:

  • All Skin types including oily & sensitive.
  • For skin that is 25+
  • Mature skin as an anti-ageing.
  • Tanned or sunburnt skin.

For the next month or two while I try out the PRAEL Marine collagen on my own skin, I shall put up a post on the usage of the Active Collagen. PRAEL isn’t like any other product. Hence the correct application of the Active Marine Collagen will help in optimum results of this pure bio-luxury.

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For orders do check out or visit Sherie’s Salons in Pune (Yes, I am stocking PRAEL products at my salon & even giving the very special ‘Collagen Experience’)

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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