Mustard is the new White #ColouroftheSeason

The reason that I am a die hard fashionista is because Fashion is ever so evolving & always keeps surprising you with new fabrics, new textures, new prints, new cuts & ofcourse new colours 😀
Im not as big a fan of prints as colours! I love obsessing about an all new colour. The same colour can have different shades & be worn in ‘n’ number of different styles & thats the beauty of it.

When it comes to Summer, its all about bright & warm colours. Whereas Winter time is all about dark hued, suttle & cooler shades.
What happens when you get tired of all the dark hued colours in the Winter? You get Mustard ❤
Say hello to the new ‘white’. If there’s a colour thats taken over all the brands by storm right now it’s Mustard and TSC announces Mustard as the Colour of the Season 😀

Why should we obsess about Mustard?

  • Mustard is a very universal colour and looks beautiful on all skin tones.
  • Mustard isn’t only a autumn-winter colour but can also be pulled of during spring.
  • Mustard is like white where you can literally pair it with up with most of the colours (obviously minus the really bright one’s)
  • A reason why I love seeing mustard colour in thw winters is because it makes a good change from all the dark hued winter clothes.

I’m not really the kinds who experiments alot with the lowers but yet, Here I’ve put together Three Different Looks with the Colour of the Season.


Girl next door meets Rocker Babe!
Some times you have two different individuals that reside in you & this very personalised look put together by me says exactly that! To see dogs printed on a T-shirt makes it an absolute must buy & at the same time a pair of leather pants are so totally bad ass (yes, definitely the more prominent side of me)

What I particularly wanted you to notice is: How beautifully Mustard goes with oxblood!

final m (4) copy

final m (3) copy

final m copy

final m (2) copy

Sleeved Tshirt- Only
Pom pom Headband- Youshine Accessories
Leather Pants- H&M
Dr. Martens- Deichman


Winter Cozy
A mustard colour jacket is the newer replacement for the usual ‘tan jacket’. This year I bought myself this really cozy jackey with a fur hood to not only keep myself warm here but also be my companion for my foreign travels!
Wear it with denims, leggings of literally all colours like- navy blue, olive, black, white & even a bright shade like red!
Just like you can team that white shirt with any coloured pants similarly you can literally team mustard with almost any colour 😀

final m (6) copyfinal m (16) copyfinal m (18) copyfinal m (17) copyfinal m (15) copy

Jacket- Only at
Double sided earings- Youshine Accessories
Leather Pants- H&M
Dr. Martens- Deichman

final m (5) copy

final m (13) copy

Shoutout to Youshine for these adorable & yet very Chic accessories ❤
Do check out because not only will you love their accessories but you will also find them total value for money.


Talking about colour of the season & the style of the season! Getting the 70’s back with this bell sleeved dress & that too in Mustard just cant make this look more trendy.
What’s interesting about this look is how a Chic dress has been given a very Boho, free spirited kind of look 😉

final m (8) copy

final m (10) copyfinal m (11) copyfinal m (9) copyfinal m (7) copy

Fringed jacket- New Look
Boots- Deichman
Sunnies- Aldo
Watch- Michael Kors

A Big Thank You to Kruthika Pillai (Instagram- @kruthika_pillai) for her fabulous photography 😀

final m (14) copy

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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