Monochromed Winter

Experimenting with my looks & giving all my readers new outfit ideas is what TSC loves doing! So here I am this week with an outfit that cant fail you this winter.
This post isn’t only about the outfit but more about the elements of the look & the concept behind the monochromed look 🙂

IMG_0877 copy

Black: The first thing that comes to my mind while picking out clothes to wear (which is a daily drama if atleast 10-15mins), the first thing I can think of is my blacks! For the winters black is actually the best colour, whether you like experimenting with colours or not.

Note: Black & White always make a statement, whether its a print or even stripes, polka dots & checks.

IMG_4462 copy

Flared/Bell Sleeves: The 70’s have struck back & how! Sticking to the craze of all things flared is what you see in this post. Flared sleeves definitely takes the regular tops to next level gorgeousness 😉

IMG_4519 copy

Ikat: this unique weave & dyeing pattern looks absolutely authentic. Not only in black & white, but Ikat comes in colours too & even silk fabric! This one is a Must-Have & a complete winter stunner for those who are eccentric with their dressing.

IMG_0862 copy

Knee High Boots: This goes without saying but Boots are an absolute must-have for the winters. When it comes to wearing a skirt in the winters wearing a pair of boots becomes more of an obvious option. Knee high boots also do look the best paired with a skirt. While it looks sophisticated with a knee length skirt, it looks sexy with a short skirt 😉

IMG_0896 copy

All these elements put together give a look that u can check out below! But what I would love to see is all my readers using these elements independently & putting together looks (which you must share with me).

Photography by Kruthika Pillai (Follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai) & assisting her was Soham Kulkarni.

final bnw

IMG_0905 copy

IMG_0852 copy

IMG_0854 copy

IMG_0871 copy

IMG_0921 copy

IMG_0898 copy

Outfit Details

Boots- Zara
Neckpiece- Accessorize

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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