Monochromed Winter

Experimenting with my looks & giving all my readers new outfit ideas is what TSC loves doing! So here I am this week with an outfit that cant fail you this winter.
This post isn’t only about the outfit but more about the elements of the look & the concept behind the monochromed look 🙂

IMG_0877 copy

Black: The first thing that comes to my mind while picking out clothes to wear (which is a daily drama if atleast 10-15mins), the first thing I can think of is my blacks! For the winters black is actually the best colour, whether you like experimenting with colours or not.

Note: Black & White always make a statement, whether its a print or even stripes, polka dots & checks.

IMG_4462 copy

Flared/Bell Sleeves: The 70’s have struck back & how! Sticking to the craze of all things flared is what you see in this post. Flared sleeves definitely takes the regular tops to next level gorgeousness 😉

IMG_4519 copy

Ikat: this unique weave & dyeing pattern looks absolutely authentic. Not only in black & white, but Ikat comes in colours too & even silk fabric! This one is a Must-Have & a complete winter stunner for those who are eccentric with their dressing.

IMG_0862 copy

Knee High Boots: This goes without saying but Boots are an absolute must-have for the winters. When it comes to wearing a skirt in the winters wearing a pair of boots becomes more of an obvious option. Knee high boots also do look the best paired with a skirt. While it looks sophisticated with a knee length skirt, it looks sexy with a short skirt 😉

IMG_0896 copy

All these elements put together give a look that u can check out below! But what I would love to see is all my readers using these elements independently & putting together looks (which you must share with me).

Photography by Kruthika Pillai (Follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai) & assisting her was Soham Kulkarni.

final bnw

IMG_0905 copy

IMG_0852 copy

IMG_0854 copy

IMG_0871 copy

IMG_0921 copy

IMG_0898 copy

Outfit Details

Boots- Zara
Neckpiece- Accessorize

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

The Style Chair

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Author: Aleena Mackar

Having been around the Blogosphere for three years now, Aleena has created a mark for herself with The Style Chair. From Fashion to Beauty and Travel, Aleena has been writing down her experiences for all her readers to be enlightened. Hers isn't just any Blog but as the name suggests its all about Style. Although this isn't her full time work, she has always kept the quality of content on TSC high. Having collaborated with a lot of big brands like W, Jabong, Myntra, Aurelia, Lee Cooper, Chandon, Maybelline, BeYu, Koovs and even Minawala Jewellery; she is also a Super Blogger with and has been awarded the Best Fashion Blogger of the year in 2016 by She loves to share her experiences and that's what people love about her. Her most watched Videos on her Youtube Channel are all Travel Vlogs (which she absolutely enjoyed making every time she travels). Leaving all this aside if you just want to actually know her real and crazy side then thats exactly what you get to see on her Insta Stories & Snapchat!

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