Weekend Dressing: The Fall Edit

Fall dressing isn’t all that complicated & infact if you love colour you would definitely be the one waiting for seasonal changes because seasonal changes means change in colour palettes for outfits too.

I have too many clothes (that’s kind of obvious), But I enjoy literally picking up all my summer coloured clothes & putting them away. I find it a crime to use the bright colours for Autumn/Winter!

Alot has been spoken about Fall (which if you missed, you should check out in the previous posts).

Today’s post is going to sort your weekend looks totally. It’s double trouble this time because this time I joined hands with my blogger friend Madhumita Chakravarty from EnvoguedivaM Follow her on instagram @envogue_madhumita (we really had a blast shooting this with our Fav girl Kruthika) You guys have a blast seeing our pics. Enjoy your weekend & bid all your weekend dressing woes goodbye 🙂

final6Weekdays is when you can just wear a sweater or a jacket or even a blazer & make it through at work. But when it comes to the weekend, How do you Look Beautiful in this ‘sweater weather’ on the Weekend?

Whether it’s a Saturday Night-out or Sunday Brunch! The Style Chair has you all sorted this Fall

Take a look at both the look of our day looks that are oozing with femininity 🙂

Saturday Night-out Look: The Fall Edit

A night out generally means ditch those pants & denims. Wear a skirt or a dress & get into dressy mode 😉
Both Madhumita & me chose colours sticking to the Fall palette.
Here is a look at outfits you can opt for a night-out!

Styling Tip– Don’t opt for anything full sleeved & rather just throw on a jacket, that can be pulled off later once the night gets rad!

final fe (7) copy

final fe (8) copy

final fe (11) copy

final fe (17) copy

final fe (14) copy

final fe (13) copy

final fe (18) copy

final fe (15) copy

final fe (16) copy

final fe (9) copy

final fe (10) copy

Sunday Brunch Look: The Fall Edit

Brunch look definitely means something dressy yet more of day wear dressing. Something comfortable yet elegant 🙂
What could be more comfortable & elegant than a skater skirt. Taking inspiration from the same, I opted for the overall dress.
Fuzzy tops & knit tops are the midst fashionable way to dress for fall.

Styling Tip– Elements like stockings or a dark coloured hat definitely add to the Fall look.

final fe (4) copy

final fe (5) copy

final fe copy

final fe (1) copy

final fe (3) copy

final fe (2) copy


final fe (12) copy

So we had a blast putting this post together (literally together) & how you liked the looks too? Do leave your comments at the bottom of the post!
Photography by Kruthika Pillai (Hats off to her managing us mad women 😉 ) Follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai

For any post request mail me on aleena@thestylechair.com or just Follow me on Snapchat @miss_chopchop & Instagram @misschopchop ❤

Be Yourself & Shine On

The Style Chair

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