Faux Fur

Fall love is soaring on TSC & I have decided to turn up the heat a little with the latest trend I am talking about on the Blog!
Faux Fur– Firstly I am very specially mentioning ‘faux’ because I do not support skinning of animals for fur. FYI ‘Faux’ is french for false/ fake. So anything that’s as good as fur works for me!

final fur (10) copy

This one’s the queen of jackets & throws. When it comes to winter fabrics this would always be my top choice.

Fur signifies Regalia, Vintage & Supreme Elegance.

When I think of Fur, I always remember my first memory of seeing black & white visuals of hollywood actresses wearing fur, gloves & their curled hair. I remember envying the Fur they had on them & it was one of my wished to own a coat like that! Thanks to Faux Fur also fur has become more affordable.

final fur (12) copy

Faux Fur isn’t limited to just coats! Faux Fur scarves, throws, waistcoats & even bags are different ways you can wear Fur!

This year my first Faux Fur buy was this waistcoat from Zara! I am absolutely in love with it, especially with its hazel shade.

final fur (6) copy

final fur01 copy

This post is definitely an Ode to my Love for Fur

Five Different Ways to Wearing a Faux Fur Waistcoat-

  • Culottes (buttoned or unbuttoned both)
  • Maxi Dress (with the waistcoat unbuttoned)
  • Bodycon Dress (with the waistcoat open to show off the dress)
  • Flared pants (buttoned or unbuttoned both)
  • Or even with a belt over denims like I styled as a Day-Out look. Have a look 🙂

final fur

final fur (7) copy

final fur (8) copy

final fur (3) copy

final fur (4) copy

final fur (2) copy

final fur (13) copy

final fur (9) copy

Hair, Makeup & Conceptualisation by Me! For all of you who didn’t know, I am a professional Hairstylist & Makeup artist 🙂

Photography Courtesy: Akhil Sharma

If you guys love art & are creative yourself you must check out Akhil’s website- www.akhilsharmaphotography.com

Location CourtesyVista, Poolside Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre

[C.T.S. No. 37 & 37/1, Bund Garden Road, Next to Jehangir Hospital, Pune. Tel: 020-67248181]

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final fur (11) copy

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