‘Fall’ing in Love

Ideally I would’ve started posting about winter fashion! But owing to the prolonged delay in the onset of the winters here I am saying Hello to Fall! Yes, finally its beginning to show some kind of chill 😀

When I was really young & I heard of the global warming phenomenon I just studied it as a phenomenon I assumed would only probably hit my grandchildren! But just like everything else that’s rapidly developing, we are already feeling the adverse effects of global warming!
Well as sad as it is I can just say- Be Green & lets avoid further damage.

Coming back to talking about what I do best! Fall is here & for me the most exciting fashions of all is Fall Fashion! The fabrics, the colours, the layering it all turns on the Fashionista in me to endless extents!

_MG_7189 copy

This post is merely meant to be a teaser to Fall Fashion! Let’s just say this is a welcome post by TSC for Fall Fashion! So, I shall quickly round up ‘What Fall Fashion Is? & also tell you why the outfit I chose is perfect to open your minds to Fall Fashion 🙂

Going to make this very simple for you! And a lot more Fall posts will be coming up so stay tuned 🙂

What’s Fall Fashion?
In short- Cozy fabrics, flowy layers, muted colours, utilitarian influences are what rule Fall along with (as seen from my outfit)-

  • Dark hued clothes
  • Capes
  • Booties
  • Berry Lips
  • High necks/ Turtle necks
  • Nude shades, Shimmery ascents & Coats shall be seen in the upcoming Fall Fashion posts 😀

Considering the color ascents & the embroidery & fringe detailing, I’ve gone ahead with a little Boho touch to this look. Have a look at the whole look now 🙂

_MG_7218 copy

_MG_7202 copy


_MG_7188 copy

_MG_7197 copy

_MG_7213 copy

_MG_7217 copy

_MG_7211 copy

_MG_7208 copy_MG_7207 copy

Photography Courtesy: Kruthika Pillai (Do follow her on Instagram by the same name)

Here with this outfit I have actually brought to light alot of the fall fashion stars & with the posts to come at TSC you are going to see How to wear different Fall outfits differently.
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