Trick or Treat| Four Halloween looks Decoded by TSC

Halloween is barely five days away & I’m sure all of you are excited for a super fun day this Saturday ❤ While excitement increases so does the nervousness! Confusion in terms of: What to wear or who to dress up as? Whether to play sexy or super hero or scary?

So, The Style Chair has made it really simple for you all. Literally putting a silver spoon in your mouth here by creating four looks for you to choose from this Halloween!

You are going to look THE BEST at your Halloween Party & trust me on that!

So, this is a little from  the personal front– For me this is the first year I am actually going to go Celebrate Halloween & actually go for a Halloween party (all thanks to my friends pushing me, also invariably I’m always travelling this time of the year so I miss it). At first I thot Im too old for all this but when a dear friend of mine asked me to do a post I got really excited to create these looks. I love makeup obviously :p & I love challenges! So here is the outcome & I hope I have outdone a lot of your expectations.

These Four Halloween Looks are all different & are going to make you look different from the rest of the crowd & definitely Halloween-y! Best Part? With just makeup you can create these looks that are bang on ‘Halloween’. So no need to spend tons of time face painting or spending a ton of money on costumes. And at TSC its not only about fashion but about care too.

Take a look at this Tutorial for all the Four Halloween looks created by me! Be kind and help your friends who don’t know what to do this Halloween & send them the Youtube Link too!

I would love you guys to tell me which look was your favourite so you can help me finalise on which of these four looks I should sport since I like all the looks?

Please send me pictures on my Facebook Page or Instagram (@misschopchop) of your Halloween looks inspired by my Tutorials! Would love to Feature You on my social media 😀


Be Yourself & Shine On

The Style Chair

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