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Hello Ladies, So here’s a welcome little change on The Style Chair! You have been spared from reading all my banter & here is to reading the first Guest Post on TSC. This post is by Kimberely Lawrence who loves fashion & absolutely enjoys writing too (so no guesses there why she chose TSC to write a guest post 😉 ). Kimberely is from Toronto, Canada! She is a graphic designer by profession, earlier she was freelancing & now she has a full fledged job as a graphic designer 😀

Here is an account of Kimberely’s shift in her life & fashion, in her own words 😀

“I spent several years of my life as a freelancer. My life as a freelancer was of course casual, fun and pretty much comfy. I traveled a lot and did and saw so many things. And I did all that in casual clothes that suited me everywhere and were fit for any occasion. But then I was about to become a businesswoman with a full-time job, which meant settling down and changing a thing or two.

The moment I got this job I knew that casual and comfortable lifestyle is going to disappear. And it will drag with itself my comfy clothes. As a freelancer you don’t have a strict dress code, you just pick something up from your closet, put it on and you are ready to go. However, as a business woman, you cannot show up at the office wearing sweatpants and T-shirt with Storm troopers print (which I used to do more often than I’d like to admit). Instead, you have to dress up and look serious. Because of my previous lifestyle, I thought that dressing formally is going to be a drag. But I had to transform and get out of this cozy cocoon so I started browsing the web. I found a lot of clothes suitable for business women, and a lot of accessories like bags, scarves, and jewelry. I was actually surprised that there are a lot of things that are not as tacky as I expected them to be. On the contrary, there were a lot of things that perfectly suited my personality along with the formal look. After hours of browsing and ordering stuff, all of that finally came to my home address. I had to try them all on immediately. All those tight skirts I never thought of wearing before actually made my figure look more feminine. I also bought new bags, jewelry, scarves, and I perfectly managed to find things that were as playful and free as I am. A red hat or a violet scarf can make all the difference when you’re wearing a black smart suit – who would have thought? Fashion blog readers probably think I’m such a noob for saying this, but for me, at the beginning of my corporate adventure, it made all the difference.

During the first few days in my new clothes, I have to admit, I felt a bit awkward. At work, I wasn’t so confident, open and talkative. But then my colleagues started giving me compliments, some of them even asked me where to buy clothes like these, and a few handsome coworkers noticed me. Having my confidence boosted up, I started playing with this new styling and I was enjoying it. From classical design – something like ladies fashion from Forcast, to pin-up styled 1960s dresses, I discovered that a business woman can adapt to any style she chooses, as long as she keeps the basics of the corporate dress code in mind.

Gradually my confidence went through the roof and with every new outfit I felt more and more powerful and I constantly had my smile on. The most mind blowing thing I discovered was that you don’t need to give up on your own style when you step into the corporate world. You do have to modify it, but the way you do it can help you discover new horizons in your style. Another amazing thing is this – even though it’s formal, corporate style can still offer some extravagance – take a houndstooth dress for example: a simple black and white pattern and a classical design can make you the centre of (positive) attention in no-time.

I have no regrets about changing my whole wardrobe. I learnt a lot, gained more confidence and through time became more successful. So, girls, don’t be afraid to spice your style a bit, there are many stylish clothes that are as comfy as your sweatpants. Even if you are not a business woman, dress like one from time to time, just to see what will happen. And trust me you will walk proudly not only at work, but on the streets as well.”

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