TSCxYoushine| Minimal:The new Accessory Trend?

Minimal accessories, minimal makeup, minimal fuss equals Maximum Impact.

Heard of “Less is more“? Lets, make that our new fashion mantra!

Minimalistic is quite a rage because its fashionable & convenient too! Don’t worry about going all out with accessories or with makeup & just keep it subtle.

In simple terms, we just let one part of our look make a statement. Like a one toned dress can be the highlight of the look with delicate accessories that accentuate the look, yet not over power it at the same time.

I would say “Keep it Subtle silly” 😉

Minimal accessories are the top accessory picks these days & Youshine Accessories have definitely got their minimal game on point! Its beautiful how they have delicately added that stylish factor to my look but yet not really stolen the whole show!

While ear cuffs are big we have a minimal & more delicate replacement to it! Like these leaf earings from Youshine that play mini ear cuffs & also take all that pain away from wearing ear cuffs (yes, I’ve been there!)

I love hair accessories & despite having several hair bands & hair clips this one is yet so unique because its worn the other way round 😉 Definitely a must-have to add that touch of glamour to you hair ❤

Minimal accessories would be a way of life for lot of women I know who really don’t like bold accessories in general. At work too minimal accessories are the best pieces to flaunt yet not seem like its too glam or too in formal at work.
So ladies, collect all the minimal pieces you like before the minimal trend vanishes!

FYI Youshine has stores at select malls & ofcourse its website www.youshine.in

Lets talk a little more in depth about the Minimal Trend.

Minimal & Normcore might seem similar but yet there are minute differences!

While going minimal keep these things mind

  • Keep only only part of the look that stands out, yet not too bold.
  • Keep prints on minimal.
  • Accessories should be on the least. Like thin strings for the neck & a stringy bracelet on the wrist. Don’t accessorise all parts! Out of the arms, neck, fingers & head just choose two parts of the body to accessorize at max.
  • Keep the colour play at its minimum.
  • Say no to bling.

So, I finally went ahead & cut my hair shorter & got rid of my pale blonde ends. I am loving the change 😀 Talking about love, Hats off to these young talented people. Much love to Kruthika Pillai for shooting this post. One of the few photographers who has captured a candid picture of me so beautifully (can you believe she is yet learning, can’t believe what magic she would do once she is done)

For this look I brought out my Culottes! Cullotes are the new hotties in the world of lowers.

Style Tip– Girls if you cant find that right pair just pick out an old pallazzo pant & cut it off till between the knee & calf! There you go you have an all new pair of Culottes without even spending a penny 😉

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    1. Parnavi incidentally If u didnt know Im actually a Hairstylist & Makeup artist! Have my own salons … Its an ombre colour I have with a mahogany shade and a honey shade at the tips 🙂

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