My Latest Beauty Haul|Oily Skincare.

Last month was big on skincare. Actually for a lot of other things too like travel, luxury makeup & of course clothes too. But well that’s how it is when I travel! I really shop!!!! (Sometimes my dad wonders why I behave like I live in a village)

Here’s what my Beauty Haul looked like-

I’m not too fussy about skincare. But I believe in using good products for the skin especially my face. I definitely do love myself like that. Infact everybody should be particular about their skin. Ignoring your skin can cause your skin to make you look older than you are.

In my case my skin doesn’t lack any radiance (touch wood) because its oily skin type. Infact the greasiness can really get to me & hence it’s very important for me to but products that are mattifying & also help avoid acne. As we all know oily skin is easily prone to acne.

So, I know a lot of you hate waiting at an airport, trying to while away time. For me its the opposite, I look forward to the long waits at the airport because I get to shop at the Duty-Free! We get those products online anyway & not like there is a huge difference in costing but the convenience of having all your favourite imported brands at one place, is the best. I prefer shopping in bulk at once rather than running around & buying one thing every other month.

Talking about my Beauty Regime well on a regular day its basic. The regular Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising.

So I decided to spice up my whole beauty regime with new skincare products of my favourite brands & go all out 😀

As a regular use face scrub I picked up the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub.

It costed about 20$. But the best part is that this scrub isn’t extremely granular (so it doesn’t abraise the skin) yet its quite effective as far as the exfoliating is concerned. Another thing I like about the scrub is the mint element it has in it, making it a super refreshing product 🙂

Coming to the next step- Toning. Clinique Clarifying Lotion for combination oily skin. Well this was actually recommended to me by a friend who spoke really high of this product at how it helped her clear her skin out! This toner in every which way lived upto its reputation. It not only tones (pretty strong smelling like alcohol) but also clarifies the skin as the name suggests.

Now oily skin doesn’t really need moisturising as such. So instead of moisturisers & lotions, Gels work the best for oily skin tone. Here we are talking about the Aquasource gel by Biotherm. This gel is quite non-sticky & the best part is its refreshing with a mild aqua kinda fragrance.

If you do roam around too much in the sun make sure to use a Sun protect in addition too! Very important. I am always indoors in the day but on my off day or when I’m travelling I make sure to always use an SPF. In that case using a high value SPF with both UVA & UVB spectrum protection is good. After having used the Boots & Banana boat sunscreen earlier I decided to try this Clarins SPF50 Sunscreen that even protects the skin from age spots & wrinkles. (Remember me telling you how your skin can make you look older if you don’t take care of it!)

At the end of the day getting off all the products applied plus the makeup & the unwanted dirt & pollution on the face is very important! So if you are lazy then I have just the right product for you! Purifying Cleansing Wipes by Loreal. This is the most effective cleansing wipes I’ve used as it removes even waterproof mascara. At the same time it even leaves the skin supple & hydrated. Which means you literally don’t have to wash your face off after.

Another one of my favourite buys was the Victoria Secrets Noir Tease. This one’s from the Sexy Little Things collection by VS!

This perfume totally represents VS with its vintage & sexy bottle especially with the atomizer spray (my first). It smells pretty seductive with its thrilling twist of floral & fruity notes.Its an EDP with exotic smells like Black Vanilla, Frozen pear & Blooming gardenia.

I love really strong & long lasting perfumes. But the Noir Tease doesn’t fair too well in terms of that! But yet I love this one for its unique fragrance 😉

This beauty haul was actually done across 3 airports! Frankfurt airport, Amsterdam airport & Brussels airport (FYI the only Victoria Secret’s store in Brussels was at the airport)

Note: Clinique has its own stores across India. Biotherm & Clarins can be found at the Shoppers Stop outlet!

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