Work Quirk ft. The Elephant Company

When the weather gets gloomy it all gets dull 😦 Getting up & getting to work is definitely then the last thing you would want to do!

So what’s your way of dealing with the gloom?
Well I don’t really have a Go-To but Quirkiness definitely does it for me 😀 I’ve mentioned this a lot in the past few posts & It definitely does work.

Last week The Elephant Company sent in a few table accessories like a mug, a mouse pad & a few notebooks. Whether at work or at home these definitely add alot of quirk. Writing notes doesn’t seem so monotonous any more & scrolling with the mouse definitely seems fun now.

The best part is that the utilities can actually look like fun elements in a room & yet have their usability. So you needn’t be worried about your things lying around especially if they actually look pretty 😉 Well in my case my room is pretty cluttered because I like my things at an arms reach so most of it just ends up lying outside than in the cupboards. If its in a cupboard its like it doesn’t exist for me :p

There are certain colours we Indians just love: the Reds, oranges & the yellows. Its funny how we even use a lot of these bright colours even in our Puja’s. Well, no complaining there for me. I absolutely love my bright colours as much as I love my basics 😉 But it isn’t quirky if it isn’t colourful 😀

So, all of these accessories are from the Tropical Birds & Feathers collection. Loved the play of colours & yet the emphasis on the design with a slight play up of multicolours.

The best part about the Tropical Birds & Feathers collection is that it actually in some way looks liberating. Like it denotes freedom & instantly brings upon that feeling of happiness. Its a range I would use at office or at home or even in my kitchen. Its just going to spread joy all over & because its a bright & light shade I don’t have to worry about it getting scratched, collecting dust or stained as such.

Whatever the age group this collection is definitely a good range for decorating your house or even office desks. They even make great gifts. Well, if you cant make up your mind then they even have Gift Hampers. There are a lot more collections too on The Elephant Company website to choose from. Infact there are SO many collections you are definitely going to end up loving a ton of things. So don’t forget to check out the website & if you are  Cash on Delivery person well that’s there too 😀

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