Trend Alert: Hair Bows

Ladies! Here’s a quick post on how you can dress up your hair without a hairdresser 😉

Hair Bows are a pair of accessories that are evergreen & completely satisfy the feminine side of you ❤

Bows can be worn whatever the season or the occasion! Hair bows especially are a very versatile hair accessory as you can place them around different parts of the head for different looks. Here’s how I sported the hair bows during my travel.

Don’t you think you can sport a hair bow at any time of the day? I think I even wore a Hair bow to a party 😉 Yes I did! (Sorry can’t find that picture though)

Everyone has bad hair days right? So the best way to stop fretting is to just pull out accessories & fashionably carry on with that bad hair (which actually won’t even seem so bad anymore)

I love my hair & love playing around with different hair styles & accessories (umm courtesy me being a Hairstylist 😉 ) It also seems as though I might have made that quite evident as Traveller’s Trove had sent in some adorable & chic hair bows. TT definitely knew the button to press 😉

Here is a look at How I’ve been flaunting my hair bows (from Traveller’s Trove) of late! You can also take a lesson or two or three on how to wear Hair-Bows 🙂

Taking Sides


Playing Ballerina

The pony-tales

Now is the part where your jaws will really drop! The small hair bows are just 300 & the big 400 Rupess! Orders can be placed on

OK now you are free to go run & order :p

Incase you want to get in touch with me, mail me on for any hair related queries or shopping assistance or just to bring back that smile 🙂

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