Get on the Fashion Radar with Wooplr! Get Androgynous with TSC

Hello my lovelies,

Today I’m going to talk about my favourite fashion app & also India’s First Fashion Discovery App. Its the place all you fashion lovers & especially bloggers need to be at 😀 (Don’t forget to scroll right down to know what the androgynous hype on TSC is?)

How it all started!

My first step into the world of Indian fashion was with a baby step by Joining Wooplr. Three years ago the fashion enthusiast & shopaholic in me decided to just download the Wooplr App for fun. I enjoyed scrolling through girl’s new buys & to see the way bloggers were styling outfits then. It not only connected me to new people but also helped me gain recognition among other fashion enthusiasts.

Now three years down the line to see this start up grow into a full fledged Start-up with 50 plus employees & a spanking new big office in Bangalore, I feel super proud to be a associated with Wooplr 😀

Wooplr was started by four Ex-McAfee employees with diverse backgrounds who decided to take on the virtual fashion scenario in India by storm. Wooplr’s fast growing community of shoppers (of which 80% are women), share fashion inspirations and the latest trends on the go. Wooplr also connects Shoppers & Sellers, but in a very unique way. Woop woop!

Why Wooplr?

With Wooplr not only did I see new buy from various ladies but I also saw such unique ways of styling clothes & accessories. For a then non-blogger like me it was the best way to share my experience with a new makeup product, dress or even a collectible.

Now, after this long run Wooplr has evolved & How ❤ Wooplr’s mission now is to connect people with stores based on interests, location and social circles. Wooplr wants to bring back the joy and social nature of shopping. The aim is to help people make decisions related to shopping a lot easier on the phones; wherever we are, whenever we want.

Post & Get Rewarded?

Wooplr has always had contests & featured fashionistas for the week/ month (and rewarded them too *yay*) but now Wooplr has decide to be too nice to us (girls hold your hearts)- you can now even earn reward points yourself on the app. So by just inviting friends onto the App or by posting your personal fashionable looks you can eventually go shop! Wow, fun & rewarding 😀 Justified proud Woople 😉

Why Google just be a part of Wooplr & know the Latest Trends 😉

As a fashion blogger its very important to be out there & share all your posts & Wooplr is definitely a platform to be on with almost Half a Million users. Its so much easier to connect with fellow bloggers & be a part of the latest Collections on the Wooplr App.

Everyone’s a Fashionista at Wooplr 😀 Download the app and check it out : Ofcourse don’t forget to follow me there 😉

I want to introduce you to a style I’ve been loving off-late! Androgynous is what its called & for all of you who love sporting this style too I would call you ‘Androgenius’ :p

Androgynous Fashion is basically a blend of a women’s & men’s fashion. For women it would mean collared shirts, ties, bow-ties, suspenders & basically everything you could think of a man wearing including the shoes (especially now when men’s shoes are making it big in the women’s section too)

Boldness to move from women’s fashion to men’s fashion is what adds to the appeal of this style.

Emma Watson is one celebrity who really has carried off the Androgynous trend with such panache.

This look is perfect to wear to work, for meetings & even for a day out with your girlies (guys might take some adjusting to this look though :p)

Shirt & denims- ZARA,

Oxfords- Forever 21,

Ear cuff- H&M

Be Yourself & Shine On

The Style Chair

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