Travel Quirk ft IndiaCircus

“Everyday is a Fashion show & the World is my runway” This stands absolutely true for me! And I literally apply it to the ‘Runway’ (airstrip) too!

Being stylish isn’t just a momentary feeling! Being stylish is a state of mind. Being stylish is about always being unique & inspired.

When it comes to travel evidently I’m not a rug-sack kind of a gal(though in some parallel world I wish I was) & I absolutely love Travel accessories. Packing bags & carrying around stuff (alot of stuff in my case) doesn’t seem boring with Travel accessories! I mean if you have such fashionable stuff around you how can you feel dull 😉 ?

This time around adding majorly to my collection of Travel accessories is India Circus. I love their quirky prints & colourful accessories. While I was travelling it definitely was catching peoples eye & how. It feels like you leave a little memory of yourself in a new city ❤

There are some luxuries in life that no amount of money can buy.

A holiday is when you have the luxury of time to do all you can’t on a normal day! To be able to read a book or pen your thoughts down & immerse yourself into the beautiful world of imagination. The other luxury being able to enjoy a hot cuppa coffee in peace to calm your senses (sure all you coffee & tea lovers know what I mean 😉 ) And India Circus added to this Luxury of mine with Style 😀

Travel can be time consuming & if all of you agree that commuting means covering up on your sleep, then you definitely need an eye mask 😉 While your eyes are covered give people something interesting to look at! (Excuse me I’m talking about the eye mask :p )

Not only do I love all my possessions but I’m next level obsessive about them, leaning towards the OCD side. That’s why I love utility pouches or travel pouches. They keep my stuff safe in my suitcase & ofcourse the suitcase looks stylishly organised too rather than just a dump. (guilty of wanting everything around me to be stylish :p #princessdiaries)

Although this utility bag is so pretty that I’m sure lot of you would love to use it as a wrist bag 😉

A wallet & a tote are Essentials while travelling or even on a day out shopping! If you add quirk to these essentials it effortlessly adds to your personal style statement 😉

My favourite two products from all of the India Circus merchandise was the Utility bag & the Notebook (it’s so me). What was your favourite from all these products?

If you love quirky & contemporary accessories or essentials then just log onto & trust me a artistically colourful world is going to take over you ❤

This shoot was done during my recent travel to the beautiful city of Amsterdam ❤ I loved that city for all the possible reasons.

Dress- Jabong,

Knee High Socks- Forever 21,

Shoes- Van Heusen,

Braided Necklace- H&M

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