A Majestic Tale with Chic Therapy

“Majestic is a gift not all can see, but for those who can, blessed are we”

“In the past people were born Royal. Now days royalty comes from what you do”

Chic Therapy exalted me into my royal state with their majestic jewellery.
Chic Therapy has the hand of a very creative lady behind the brand- Vandana Makhija. For order enquiry mail- chictherapy@outlook.com or Whatsapp on 9167773720. They are on Facebook & Instagram as well.

Fine quality, exquisite design & a regal touch is what each marvellous jewel by Chic Therapy boasts of. ❤

The Neckpiece is quite unique with its double lined punk chains that are beautifully laced with natural agate stones.

The Lush tassel harness is a thick gold (mesh finish) tassel band embellished with swarovski stones attached with a beautiful turquoise ring.

(If you’ve loved this hand harness you are in for a big surprise at the end of this post 😀 )

“Be Loyal to the Royal within you!”

With the most perfect backdrop (except women running around me at my beck & call) I played Queen, for the day until I next adorn these jewels 😉

Why this choice of Outfit?

Jewellery is something we have always seen our women adorn for decades.

But the best way to make jewellery look contemporary is to pair it with a plain black dress. It will never fail you.

It wouldn’t be fair to style these gorgeous pieces on just a black dress so to Style my black dress absolutely Uniquely I’ve actually tied up a dual toned dupata around my waist & shoulder.

The dupata gives the look that added oomph & body accessories is something that has always been synonymous to the royals 😀

“But, I don’t need your love because I am loved by the greatest & most majestic heart in the world. Mine”

“There’s a nobility in her eye, a regal serenity about her. Does she not personify all that women try to be & never can be?”

“Life is too short to wear boring jewellery”

“I have too much jewellery said no one ever”

Photography by Ashish Gurbani. He’s one Indian Fashion Photographer you need to follow ashishgurbani.com

And so, Chic Therapy & I have decided to reward my gorgeous readers with this Lush Tassel Harness! Sorry I have just one so check out the CONTEST on Instagram & Facebook to win this stunner.

Be Yourself & Shine On

The Style Chair

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