Garnier’s Pure & Active Kickstart! 

Don’t we all kick start our day by washing our face. It’s that kick start to your day that removes all the fatigue and gives a fresh start not only to ur face but a jumpstart to your senses too. What if in addition to this you have a super effective face wash that wakes up your skin & adds a glow to your face?

Well all of us girls atleast wouldn’t stop admiring our smooth looking skin for sure :p

So What would you ideally love to have in your facewash?

  • Fragrant smelling
  • Easy to use &
  • A facewash that cleanses well yet doesnt leave the skin excessively dry!
  • Most importantly I like a facewash that lathers well.

The most problematic skin is the one with large pores and acne or hyper active sebaceous glands. For these types of skin to find a good facewash is utmost important & just any facewash wont do.
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I have one such morning beauty tale to share with you of a fresh morning expreience I had with the Garnier PureActive High Foaming Face Wash.

While I used the High foaming facewash I initially had taken just a pea-sized amount on my palm

& the minute I massaged it on my face a fresh fragrance took over my senses & before I knew it this face wash was foaming & how! I never took ‘High’ Foaming face wash as seriously until now!

Just a drop of the High Foaming Face Wash is enough to cleanse your skin & keep it germ free (Thanks to the neem & tulsi extracts) 😀

I loved my skin after. Take a look yourself 🙂

Why you need to BUY the Garnier PureActive High Foaming Face Wash NOW?

  • Product contains the goodness of 2 natural ingredients- Neem and Tulsi.
  • The High Foaming Face Wash fights Oil and Removes 99.9% Pimple Germs. Making it a perfect buy for oily skin & acne prone skin.
  • Gentle formula for daily use. Doesn’t leave the skin too dry yet removes oil from skin completely.
  • Available in an unique bottle format with Flip Top cap making the use very convenient.

Complete value for money. 100g High Foaming Face Wash for Rs 105 only! Which I’m sure will last me a month easily.

Stay tuned because the Garnier High Foaming Face Wash’s commercial that’s coming soon shall feature Brand Ambassador Alia Bhatt ❤

Photography by Ashish Gurbani. He’s one Indian Fashion Photographer you need to follow

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