Blogger You Need to Know About: Aleena From The Style Chair

An Interview you don’t want to miss!
Insights into my fashion inspirations & How The Style Chair happened? 😀

Must Read!

Maggie in the Moon


Hello lovely readers! Today I’m proud to announce my latest “Blogger/Vlogger: Spotlight” and it’s on the fabulous, stylish, warm, and beautiful Aleena from The Style Chair. I found her blog via a Facebook group dedicated to fashion bloggers, and I was certainly glad I did! Aleena’s style is very refreshing and fun to admire. She doesn’t shy away from being bold and styles her outfits, hair, and makeup with a chicness that is very original. I asked her some questions to get to know her better and to share them with you; here they are! 😉 :


1. What inspired you to decide to start blogging?

I profesionally am a Hairstylist & a Makeup Artist for the past 8 years! My expertise in my field helped me venture into the world of blogging & now The Style Chair is a year old! I have seen alot of blogs that are…

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