Nourishing as an Oil, Texture of a Cream? #GarnierFructis

I just had a quick hair pampering session & I would like to share the soothing & smoothing experience with you.
So, Garnier Fructis recently launched a revolutionary innovation called the Oil-In-Cream & The Style Chair shall tell you why this should be your next beauty buy.

What’s this Garnier Oil-In-Cream?

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range has recently launched an Oil Replacement Cream. This Oil-In-Cream is enriched with the power of 3 oils- Almond oil, Coconut oil & Olive oil.

What are the benefits of the Oil-In-Cream?

The Oil-In-Cream has a light creamy texture & is non sticky.
It Nourishes the hair & helps to make it stronger.
Gives all the nourishment of a hair oil but without the messiness.

How to Apply?

Section by section apply the cream from root to tip for overall nourishment of hair & scalp. If you have drier ends then apply more of the cream on the tips of the hair 🙂
The Oil-In-Cream can be used Before as an Overnight treatment to deeply nourish the hair or
The Oil-In-Cream can even be used a few minutes Before a wash to nourish the hair.
The Oil-In-Cream can also be used After a wash. Yes, just use in small quantity to smoothen the hair lengths.
I personally loved how hassle free the application was & the fact that it wasn’t smelly either.
It actually left my hair feeling soft! See 😀
What I even liked was the options with the quantity of the tube. I could get myself a small tube to keep my hair looking smooth & silky even when travelling 😀

Value for Money?

Priced at –
Rs 35 for 50 g
Rs 60 for 100 g &
Rs 100 for 200g.
Now for someone like me who has medium thick & long hair that are quite dry, I need a lot of the hair oil cream! Which means in just two applications I would end up finishing a 100g tube.
Come to think of it, investing barely 300 rupees for a bi-weekly use of the Oil-In-Cream is an investment anyone can afford for soft & shiny hair 🙂
You still here? Go grab your Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream Right Now 😀
Be Yourself & Shine On
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