What a Knockout!

I love accessories & a summer essential accessory is a pair of Stylish Sunglasses ❤

For the longest of time I’ve wanted the tropical coloured reflective sunglasses. But seeing everyone wear the Reflective aviators I didn’t want to just be a part of the crowd! (as you all know the only thing I permanently endorse is Uniqueness)
Its been a while I discovered Knockaround & ever since I’ve loved their innovative designs & fun colours.
Best part about them? They are UNISEX 😀

What’s Knockaround about?

Best defined as the go-to-sunglasses brand of the sunny state California, the unique styling, vibrant frames and pop colors are unmistakably Knockaround’s

Knockaround recently launched The All-New Mai Tai Range!

“Maitai” is the Tahitian word for “good.”  And of course, the Mai Tai is a delicious drink invented in the great state of California. Mai Tais call to mind vacations to tropical locations, lounging by the pool with friends, and spending all day soaking up the sun with a cold drink in hand.

These sunglasses provide a sophisticated look for both men and women. The frame is light enough that it can be worn all day without ear-fatigue, which is essential for road trips and 12-hour beach sessions alike. All Mai Tai lenses are made from a shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic and provide full UV400 protection.

Candy Pink/Red Sunset Mai Tais
Candy Pink/Red Sunset Mai Tais
Candy Pink/Red Sunset Mai Tais
Candy Pink/Red Sunset Mai Tais

The Mai Tai range is available for just Rupees 2200 on Upbeatz.com

Upbeatz gives Indians access to global brands at affordable prices with just a click of a button, beginning with Knockaround sunglasses from California.

These Knockaround’s definitely add to my swag & there can’t be a more apt pair of sunnies for this bright & shiny season.

I am on Top of the world with my Mai Tais & you shall see me sporting them alot. These Mai Tais of mine are definitely going to go places 😉 (travel on my mind)

Head to Upbeatz.com & get your pair of Knockarounds because it’s TSC Approved 😀

Overall- Global Desi
Bag- Cupidity
Shoes- Forever 21

As for my Makeup for the first time on TSC I’ve been so minimal with my makeup!

Mascara & lip-gloss were all I had on (of course a flawless base included) Yet looks gorgeous doesn’t it 😀

Photography by Ashish Gurbani. He’s one Indian Fashion Photographer you need to follow ashishgurbani.com

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