Loafing Around in Loafers

Something to love this summers is loafers! Men or women both look fantastic & comfortable in a pair of loafers.

Loafers are basically lace-less shoes. Also similar to moccasins! So, don’t feel bad for thinking loafers & moccasins are the same :p

Business men in the older days in America literally swore by Loafers as work wear! In the 60’s Italian Designer Gucci  made the further step of adding a metal strap across the front in the shape of a horse’s snaffle bit. These Gucci Loafers have been iconic ever since.

Pic courtesy- Pinterest
PC Pinterest

For Men the Tan coloured Loafers are an absolute must-have for the summers. If you men decide to be a little more experimental the next best colour for me Is Deep Red ❤

Pic courtesy- Pinterest
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Summer time means it’s the time to go bright & colourful. Go get your hands on some coloured & printed loafers this Summers.

Pic courtesy- Pinterest
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Reasons to add Loafers to your closet this summers?

Semi-formal pair of shoes that could be worn to work too 🙂

Hassle free without laces & also feel more comfortable that ways in the summers. So, feet don’t feel suffocated!

Looks a little more sophisticated than just wearing slippers in the summers :p

For all you lazy people, you can actually afford to skip wearing socks with Loafers :p

Pic courtesy- Pinterest
PC Pinterest

For a unique look with Loafers

  • Men can pair their long shorts with loafers. Very summery, very casual yet very classy.
Pic courtesy- Pinterest
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  • Ladies, pair the loafers with shorts or a midi skirt.
  • For a fun look pair loafers with a simple straight dress for a more street style touch.
  • If I was given a wish to acquire any loafer in the world I would hands down ask for the Louboutins. Here’s why-
PC Pinterest
PC Pinterest

But coming down to mother earth I’m personally loving the loafers with tassels or other embellishments. Although from my own closet I have the yummiest looking loafers.

These Neon pink & ‘no-back’ slip-on loafers are super chic & fun. It’s like they were made for the summers 😉

I’m going to be wearing my loafers with Ripped denims this season …. What about you?

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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