TSC Artist Feature x Namy Kaur

For the first time on TSC we are doing a feature on an Artist & hoping to continue to do so!

This one’s a little about Namy Kaur & her passion & A Lot about her Sense of Style.

Why Namy Kaur?

The reason we were inspired to feature Namy Kaur is because This girl has got SWAG! Ever since the first time I met her 6 years back I knew that if there’s someone who personifies Swag it’s only & only Namy Kaur!
Who is Namy Kaur?

Namy is a Music PR specialist, living in the beautiful sand pit Abu Dhabi in UAE. She is a proud entrepreneur chasing her dream of bringing underground rap and urban culture to life. She started RvP GvME (Rap Game) in Birmingham as a music platform and reached out to tonnes of artists who were featured on her website. She is now launching her first season called ‘The Series’ which consists of eight local and international artists who produced music in the studio. The Series is set to release in April 2015.

What is Namy’s Passion?

Namy’s passion is music. She even has the slogan ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ tattooed on her waist – it reminds her of the only sweet escape we have from this reality we live in.
What’s Namy’s Signature Style?
She loves to dress her own way – there are no boundaries to what she can wear, basically ‘everything goes with everything’. That can be her ultimate style statement. She is easy to recognise as her ‘swag’ stands out. She does not follow fashion trends & Lately she has been into buying men’s urban wear and cutting it up (YES ! She does that !), she either turns it into a crop top or cuts the sleeves.
Her unique sense of style is something we what we wanted to showcase on The Style Chair.

What would Namy wear on a regular day?
Ripped denims, bold accessories & she gets her swagger on with a cap! And hell yeah does she rocks that look.

She even loves wearing jersey’s which looks just so Dapper on her

On other days you would see her relaxing & doing the ‘Sports Luxe’ look in a crop top, tracks pants (which by the way are quite trending now) & her favourite kicks (Converse)

What would Namy wear for a night-out?
On nights when she is just chilling with her buds she likes to keep it casual & does the ‘Boyfriend Tee’ style. Yes! Ladies you could wear your partners tee as a dress with a pair of heels. Such a unique style 😉

She even gets super bored of her hair looking the same for longer than 3 months. She has had her hair pink, blue, shaved from one side, red, blonde all colours in one!
Namy’s Special Words for Us-

“Thanks to Aleena’s magic hands, I got a full perm done at her salon, as seen in the pictures. Secret – I usually do my own trims and Aleena’s Style Chair is where I sit and close my eyes for her to do her magic whenever I am in Pune.”

Do check out her website www.rvpgvme.com  Instagram account @thatchicnamii and @rvpgvme for all you rap heads.

Photography & Conceptualisation done by Aleena Mackar. Show some love leave your comments below 🙂

Be Yourself & Shine On ❤

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