What could be more prestigious for an accessory junkie than to collaborate with an exclusive jewellery brand? Well, I’m yet spell bound by all the exquisiteness I’ve experienced.

It’s true, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Like a diamond in the sky ❤ every little girls wish to be a star is attached to diamonds.

In today’s day & age of achievers we all want to ‘Shine Bright like a Diamond’.

Winner of the ‘Diamond Jewellery of the ​Y​ear’ award at the Retail Jeweller India Awards, Minawala is an established jewellery brand in India since over 30 years with stores at Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore.

Each & every piece made at Minawala is one of a kind, so you will never have to worry about being exquisite while adorning their jewels. My mother had bought a set years back from them & we both have loved their sense of design & craftsmanship.

Minawala had an elegant and chic collection. Each & every piece left me at a loss of words with their uniqueness & all I was doing was pointing at all the scintillating pieces, like a little kid at a toy store who wants it all!

Despite being love-struck & blinded by all the opulence, I snapped out of it to present to you different looks for different kinds of jewellery that you can adorn at different occasions. (This post has Day Looks & a Date Night Look. More shall be coming soon …)

My words will not be able to do justice to the scintillating beauties so I shall let some famous people’s words do the talking.

Daily-wear jewellery

“Send out the light of your soul.”

“I swear to you there are divine things, more beautiful than words can tell.”

“I looked in temples, churches & mosques but found the divine within my heart.”


My favourite from these looks was the ‘Allah’ pendant from the Divine Collection for how delicately crafted it was.

Classy Luncheon

“At the edge of madness you howl diamonds & pearls.”


“I’ll write the word blue in green and when I ask you what colour it is, the proper response is turquoise.


My favourite from this look was the tear drop flower earrings from the Organic Collection.

Date Night

“You were born to be a Queen.”


My favourite from this look was the rose gold 3-D multi ring from Minawala’s LA 1950s Collection.

Photography by Mumbai based Photographer Nirali Manek, who was an absolute darling during the whole shoot. Check out her work on her Facebook Page➡Captivation photography

For more jewellery, glitz & glam from Minawala, stay tuned!B30A7072

Signing off with this thought- “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.”

Be Yourself & Shine On 


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