Have a stress free Holi with TSC

Wishing all of my readers on this side of the globe a very Happy Holi! This festival of colours is all about fun, dance, madness & friends. Unfortunately Holi isnt like the Tomatina festival in Spain where the tomatoes actually make your skin feel good. These chemical filled artifical colours can really be a pain in the back side *sigh*
With a little bit of precaution & prior care you can have a completely crazy time this Holi (without having to go to work after with colourful faces/ hair.)

Make Oil your best friend on Holi!

  • Make sure to layer your whole body with Oil preferably mustard oil (i.e. sarson ka tel) & only after wear your clothes. Don’t forget spots like your ears especially!
  • Apply mustard oil on your face too & after you can apply sunscreen as well! (Similarly for your arms too if you dont want black arms, forget about coloured arms :p )
  • Don’t use mustard oil for your hair orelse you will go crazy shampooing ot off your hair later! Just Oil your hair & scalp well with any hair oil (coconut or almond).

For all of you whose hair are coloured light! Just one mantra- cover your head! Tie your hair up in a bun & use a bandana or a hairscarf to cover the full head.

Wear glares to avoid any holi colour from going into your eyes.

All you ladies can put nail polish & make sure to not leave your nails bare!
Please use organic colours & motivate all your friends to do so too.
Carry a ziplock for your cash & mobile πŸ™‚
Note- avoid getting colour on you after you are been wet because that’s when the colour really sticks to the skin & all of it mixed gives you that black painted face 😦
After all the scrubbing! Make sure to hydrate the skin with a good body butter.
Use aloe vera gel if you have sensitive skin to smooth your skin πŸ™‚
Even the hair get dry with all the chemicals & shampooing off all that oil! So use a hair masque after or book yourself a good deep conditioning treatment at a salon!
With these Do’s sorted, what you are going to do is have a Fun filled day.
Happy Holi to all of you πŸ˜€
And to all of you who don’t know what Holi is, check it out you’ll know the fun you are missing out!
Be Yourself & Shine On ❀

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